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How to Know You Found a Keeper

In today's times it is very hard to find a good guy. Sometimes we often lose someone good because of it. We read too much into things and drive the good guy away. Other times we won't believe a guy is good. How do you know weather or not you found a keeper? Read on:

Happy Couple

1) He checks in every day to see how your day is going.

2) He calls if he is running a second or minute late.

3) He remembers everything you say.

4) He asks you questions about your life and your interest.

5) He doesn't check out other girls in front of you.

6) He looks into your eyes when you talk.

7) He doesn't pressure you about sex.

8) He puts you first.

9) After seeing him he wants you to contact him to let him know that you got home safe.

10) He is there for the big events in your life.

If you have a guy that does these things than congrats you found the guy for you. If you are with a guy who does the opposite of these then it is time to look for someone new. The right guy is out there you just have to know what to look for.

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