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How to Know You Are in the Right Relationship

There are so many ways to know that you are in the wrong relationship. If you fight a lot, if the person cheated on you etc. Instead of looking for signs on how to tell you are in the wrong relationship, look for positive signs. Here are ways to know that you are in the right relationship:

1) You put the other person's needs before your own and vice versa. You don't pressure that person to do anything that they do not want to do.

2) You both go out of your way for each other.

3) Both of you do not care about what you are doing as long as you spend time with each other.

4) You communicate and work through any conflict or disagreement.

5) You aren't afraid to be yourself with each other.

6) You could talk with each other for hours and not get bored.

7) You friends are parents approve of the other person and vice versa.

8) You are proud to be with each other and do not keep your relationship a secret.

9) You make time for each other on the weekends.

10) You make compromises with each other.

Relationships have their ups and downs but the couples that get through it all are the ones who are meant to be together. Before you cross your guy off the list, check out these signs because you might be throwing away a great relationship.

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