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How to know you are falling for someone

Could you live the rest of your life wondering 'what if'? Do what's in your heart before it's too late.
Could you live the rest of your life wondering 'what if'? Do what's in your heart before it's too late.

Are you confused as to whether or not you’re feelings are growing for a certain someone? Maybe you are confused about whether the feelings are leaning towards love or friendship. Here are a few signs to tell if you are in fact falling in love.

When you are around them do you get high off their smell? When their scent lingers; each time you get a whiff of it does your heart starts racing and butterflies consume you?

Do you catch yourself waiting for them to post something on a social media network? Do you go to their profile often just to see what they’re up to or to look at their photo? Could you just stare in to their eyes forever without a second thought?

When you two are together do you find yourselves walking a little slower than normal? Next time you’re together try to pay attention to the speed of your walk. Subconsciously the two of you may be walking slower so the time together lasts longer.

Do you feel a little shy when you’re around them? Notice how you act with your other friends compared to that one person. Do you two have more meaningful conversations and one on one topics opposed to just generic topics you have with your other friends? Do you feel as if you could talk endlessly for hours about everything and nothing at the same time?

Do you catch yourself reading their texts over and over? When you go to empty your inbox do you hesitate before deleting texts from them? Maybe you don’t even end up deleting texts from them or you just save one of their texts.

Do the two of you tease each other constantly or make sarcastic remarks to one another? If the two of you can do instantaneous comebacks to one another without a second thought then your minds could be synced.

When you hear their name or their voice do you instantly get a smile on your face? When someone is around you may not outwardly show the smile but on the inside you are grinning from ear to ear.

Anytime you think of them do you get butterflies and feel as if you are on a rollercoaster? Does your heart race a mile a minute and you just can’t slow it down?

When you are looking at them, you won’t notice anyone else. They are the only one you can see and the only one you want to see.

When with a group of friends, do you catch yourself constantly looking over at them hoping to catch their eye? If they’re around do you catch yourself hoping they’ll text you or come over and talk to you?

When listening to love songs, do you think of them? Have you been listening to more meaningful songs lately that may have to do with love?

Lastly, do you constantly dream about being with them? In the dreams are the two of you shy and flirty or distant and reserved.

If one person came to your mind after reading all of the signs then you aren’t falling for someone, you have already fallen for them. While reading this did your heart start beating faster as you thought of that person? Did you start getting butterflies and a little light headed? All of these are signs that you have fallen for this person. Don’t try to fight your feelings, embrace them. Tell the person how you feel before you lose the opportunity.

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