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How to know when it is time to find a relationship online: Part 1

Finding Love Online Can Become a Reality - in Any Season!
Finding Love Online Can Become a Reality - in Any Season!
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With almost 55 million single people in the United States, it would seem like it would be so much easier to find a suitable partner in life. Or, to find someone with whom you can have a meaningful relationship; someone you could date on a regular basis. Heck, it would seem like it would be easy to find someone you had something in common with and to whom you felt an attraction. I mean, 55 million single people! How is it that you’re not all just bumping into each other at the grocery store or the farmer’s market or the dog park, for crying out loud?

Where are all these single people hiding out?

Perhaps all these single people are part of the 42 million individuals who are at home right now, meeting their soul mates online at one of the many dating websites. Yes, you heard me. Seventy-six percent of the single population in the United States has a profile on at least one online dating site. Staggering, huh? So, that begs the question: Why haven’t you tried online dating? How do you know when it’s time?

You’ve Already Tried Everything Else

Determined to meet someone the “old fashioned” way, you have subjected yourself to blind dates and countless set-ups by friends. You have gone to bars, joined a gym, and attended singles parties and events. You even joined a singles group at your church, and spent your share of Saturday mornings hanging out Starbucks, all in an effort to meet that special someone. You have certainly put yourself out there, and theoretically, Mr. or Ms. Right totally should have walked through the door at one of these places by now. So where is he or she?

Most likely, if you want a meaningful relationship in your life, you are doing everything you can to meet someone, but it just isn’t working. So, why not try a different approach? A dear friend of mine once asked me, “Why would you keep doing the same thing and expect different results?”

And, as one of my single friends recently told me, “Online dating increases your pool of single men. I mean, there are so many more opportunities to meet guys who are interested in you, rather than hoping you’ll run into one at Target.”

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Author’s note:
As many of my once-single friends are becoming successful at finding lasting love online, I have decided to write about the popular and ever-growing trend of online dating. This is the first in a series of several articles…I hope you find them helpful and entertaining.

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