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How to Know What You Clients Really Want

what customers really want
what customers really want
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Ask any customer what he likes or dislikes; mark my words, you will never get any straightforward answer from them. It is not that your customer does not want to divulge the details rather most customers don’t have the faintest idea about what they actually want. In most cases, they just tell you that they hate this and that but no specific at all. All the feedback that you draw from them is – ‘See, I don’t like it and I don’t know why.’

So, as you can understand, getting direct feedbacks from the end consumers is not always that much effective, if not misleading sometimes. Probably, this is the reason why some big brands like Pandora, Netflix and Amazon implicit data is more reliable than explicit data. Implicit data is collected by observing the behavior of the customers and this seems to be working well for the big companies.

But since you don’t have that big budge to run experiments like these big brands, you have to find some form of alternative ways to know what exactly your customers want. Here are some quick ways to know what exactly your customers like and dislike –

Trying to Get Accurate Feedback

Since the adage – ‘Customer is always right’ does not ring true always, you need to find some users testing tools that can offer you a rare glimpse of what your customers are actually looking for. is one such users testing tool that will let you observe how your targeted visitors are behaving on your website. You will get to know which buttons they are clicking, which parts of the website they are giving a miss and a lot other things. Dev from Brandingly puts it out quite brilliantly – ‘maybe the feedback is not what you have been looking for and maybe they are a bit downer but it gives you the real insight.’ Getting direct and impartial feedbacks from your audience is another great way to ensure the success of your business.

Another great way to get honest feedbacks from the clients is by checking their emails and by talking to your support team. These are the goldmines of garnering honest customers’ feedbacks.

Find Solace in Big Data

If you can delve a little deep into the data that you have already gather from users testing and from your Customer Support team, you will be able to understand the psychology of the customers. You don’t necessarily have to spend top dollar to keep your customers happy. By looking at certain phrases that your customers are using, you can take proactive steps.

Like for example, if you find any customer is using words or phrases like ‘sick of’ –it implies the fact that they need to be treated individually and you need to look into the matter closely so that they don’t leave. Now, if you find word like – ‘hate’, it means that they are not leaving you immediately but if you don’t take any step, they will eventually leave. So, just by looking at some phrases, you will be able to retain your customers.

Be Honest

You need to face the reality that surveys does take a lot of time and the responses are in most cases are not conclusive. I mean, you will find two groups of people giving completely different opinions and therefore, making it really hard for you to take steps in the right direction. The same happens when you ask your friends or advisers to give ‘honest’ opinion about a business model. Nobody wants to demoralize a newbie entrepreneur. So, the chances are quite low that you will ever be able to get a honest feedback from them. Ask them whether Viral Marketing is good for your business, and the response you might get - 'Hell, yeah!' even if they have no idea what viral marketing is.

Try to inform them in advance that you can take criticism in your stride and hopefully, this will give the encouragement to share what they feel about your business model.

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