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How to kick your sugar habit

How to kick your sugar habit: watch this video.

While reading, a great resource and blog on healthy food, this article presented itself. It was a video of a lecture that promises to change how you live and eat. Dr. Robert Lustig, a professor at Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at UCSF, explains the gory details of sugar, specifically fructose. He goes to great lengths to prove at last that "fructose is poison". One of the most effective quotes from his lecture, as quoted by Darya of Summer Tomato as well, is that "fructose is ethanol without the buzz".

This is a problem because we all know how vegans love their sugar. When we can't have a cupcake made with eggs and milk, many of us go to our local vegan bakery if we are so lucky, or we go home and make a cruelty-free version to satisfy our sweet tooth. But simply because a food is vegan does not mean that it is good for you.

What stays the same in the recipe? The sugar. Whether that sugar comes in white, brown or made of corn, it can be vegan. But vegan or not, sugar is a dangerous substance, says Dr. Lustig.

If you were planning on drinking a Coke or eating a cookie after watching this video, don't count on keeping that plan. That Coke may be your last.

Honey is a frequent source of sugar for many people, although it is technically not vegan because it is an animal product. Frowned upon by vegans because of the process of acquisition from bees, sometimes honey ends up being the vice of many vegetarians wanting to go vegan as well as people on a diet. Understandably so, as it seemingly is healthier and more 'natural' than white sugar, and many people believe that it does not give you the sugar rush that the white stuff does. But sugar it is, and low glycemic it is not. If you need an excuse to let go of sugar in your vegan diet, simply equate it to drinking a Coke. Yes, sugar is a tasty addition to your dessert, but that doesn't make it a good idea to eat.


  • Sharon 5 years ago

    Great post! Sugar is indeed a bad "food" source. I've kicked sugar, but honey, well.....
    I look forward to seeing some sugar free recipes here :)

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