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How to kick bad breath

There's nothing worse than morning breath.
There's nothing worse than morning breath.


  • Ann Day 6 years ago

    Chlorhexidene can cause brown staining on the teeth. Usually it is only given by prescription at a dental office. Many people with bad breath have periodontitis (gum disease) and need more extensive treatment. Some halitosis is caused by digestive problems and not just oral health issues.
    Nice article.

    Milwaukee Dental Health Examiner

  • Meghan 6 years ago

    In paragraph 3 I stated: There are many causes for bad breath including foods, poor oral hygiene, sinus infections, gum disease, digestive problems, smoking, medications, and dry mouth. You may have missed that judging from your comment.

    As far as brown staining all products that include this compound indicate a warning on the label stating: "Warning: May cause brown staining of the teeth. This is not permanent and can largely be avoided by brushing the teeth before using the mouthwash, or in the case of dentures, using a conventional denture cleaner. Where normal brushing is not possible, or if any staining remains, your teeth may need scaling and polishing by your dentist after you have finished using the mouthwash."

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