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How to keep your makeup looking great



We’ve all had those days!  We start out looking great, but by the time you glance at a mirror half-way through your day, you really don’t look like the same person. Your makeup looks like you put it on half asleep when you woke up, it’s smeared, and very unattractive , in fact it’s  shocking (gasp!)!!...Don’t despair or ditch your makeup just yet!!

How to keep your makeup looking terrific:

  • Start with a great foundation. Foundation or tinted moisturizer can even out your skin tone and cover up dark spots. Blending foundation into your skin is easier than ever; many high-end cosmetic lines and even drugstore brands offer “color match” goof-proof foundations. After applying the base, use a light powder to “set” your foundation. Choose a powder that feels silky when rubbed between your fingers.
  • Brighten your eyes. In the corner of your eyes, nearest your nose, lightly apply some concealer and blend in. As this is the darkest spot on the face for everyone, you’ll look more rested if it is lightened. If you need to use concealer under your eyes, again, lightly set it with powder applied with a velour puff.
  •  Eyeliner often smudges, but there are a couple of ways to avoid the problem. First, look for waterproof eyeliner. Second, use powder shadow, applied with an angled brush, over your eyeliner to set it. You can prevent any eye shadow from creasing by applying a waterproof eyelid cream first.
  • Add color with blush. If your skin is oily, powder blush has the best chance of staying put. If your skin is dry, you should probably go the cream blush route, but it may need to be reapplied during a long day. A light powder applied over the entire face will also help set your blush.
  • Go waterproof. There are some terrific waterproof, smudge-proof mascara on the market, but they can be drying to your lashes if used every day. In order to avoid breakage, curl your eyelashes, and then apply a coat of regular mascara, followed by waterproof mascara.
  • Pucker up. Many of the top cosmetic lines offer long-lasting lipstick that can be applied at the beginning of your day and will last for 12 hours or more. Pink is a hot color right now, and looks good on any age. If you’re not sure what shade to use, always go for a pink that’s darker than your gums.

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