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How to keep the bugs at bay this summer

Spring is fast turning into summer and with it comes all those bugs and critters we love to hate. Children thrive on being outside all summer long so parents have to be on their toes when offering protection from the elements.

One of the best bug repellents I have found so far is to purchase the skin so soft bug repellent from Avon AND some regular skin so soft. Then mix in two separate containers half bug repellant and half straight SSS. I have had many foster children my home that was allergic to mosquitoes to the point they didn’t want to stick their nose out the door after 2pm. However, this mixture has taken care of business like no other.
Another huge problem in the summer is ticks!! UGH those little buggars are nasty looking! The main way everyone knows to remove is with tweezers. A phone nurse from an insurance company offered another way to remove. She suggested getting the tip of a needle super hot and then touching the ticks back with it, apparently it is supposed to let go. It seems rather chancy that you might touch the skin of the host as well though.

So here is another offering for tick removal. This comes from a local school nurse. Apply a gob liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tick with the soap soaked cotton ball and swab it for about 15-20 seconds, longer wouldn’t hurt we are sure. It is said the tick will let go on its own and then become stuck in the cotton ball. Make sure the host isn’t allergic to the soap and you should have a perfectly harmless way to remove ticks.

We are always looking for new remedies for summer mischief so please share any ideas you have!



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