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How to keep cakes from drying out

How do you keep leftover cake from drying out?
How do you keep leftover cake from drying out?
Jessica Park

Dry cake can be disappointing. You are expecting something moist and sweet, but instead you get dried-out cake crumbs that seem to stick to the roof of your mouth. To prevent this from happening during the process of making cakes, here are a few tips.

1. Proper baking time. You want to keep a good eye on your cake especially toward the end of the baking time. Baking times in recipes are only guidelines. You may want to check on your cake a few minutes earlier than what the recipe calls for.

And, make sure that you use a timer. Take the cake out of the oven right when it is done. The best way to do this is with the toothpick test: insert a toothpick right in the middle of the cake and take it out. There should be no batter, just crumbs clinging on the toothpick.

2. Proper storage. If you are not going to frost your cake right away, wrap it well and airtight. Wrap your cake entirely in plastic wrap. Repeat again a second time so that there are two separate layers of plastic wrap.

If your cake is frosted and you have some of it leftover, such as with a half-eaten birthday cake, use plastic wrap or parchment paper and place along the exposed interior.

3. Simple Syrup. Simple syrup is one part water and one part sugar. (Click here for recipe.) This comes in handy, when you are making a layer cake. Brush each layer with syrup before frosting. Some cakes call for flavored simple syrup such as with lemon, orange or even coffee.

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