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How to ION smooth solutions keratin treatment

Have you wanted less frizz and healthier looking hair? Have you tried the ION Smooth Solutions keratin treatment? It is a more affordable way to DIY keratin treatment at home that lasts between six to eight weeks.

Step 1: Wash hair with clarifying shampoo. The author's hair is course, so she washes it 5 times in a row. Leave the shampoo for about 30 seconds each time. Concentrate on the shaft instead of the roots.

Step 2: Completely dry hair with paddle brush.

Step 3: Apply smoothing treatment in sections. Completely cover hair with treatment then use the comb to comb through. Any excess will be combed out of the hair.

Step 4: Let treatment sit for 15 minutes (overly processed hair) to 20 minutes (normal, coarse hair).

Step 5: After the specified time has passed, blow dry hair if it feels damp.

Step 6: Flat iron hair in sections. Pass the iron approximately 3-7 times (3 - overly processed hair, 400 degrees F; 5 - dry or fine hair, 430 degrees F; 7 - coarse hair, 450 degrees F).

Read the directions! It is very simple. This video is meant as a visual aid to supplement the directions on the box.

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