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How to Install and Get Cydia on Your Apple Device

How to Install and Get Cydia on Your Apple Device
How to Install and Get Cydia on Your Apple Device

Needless to say that Cydia is most desired and required application if you have a jailbroken Apple device.

Good news is that you can easily install Cydia on your iPad, iPod or iPhone during the time of Jailbreaking process. With the help of Cydia you can download premium and exclusive apps that can’t be found at the Apple App Store. Sad news is that you can’t find Cydia on official Apple store, so installation can be tricky but it’s worth to get that anyhow on your device as you can do much with your iPhone using Cydia and it literally open door for you to get thousand of helpful tweaks, apps, mods, tricks and themes in your device that you can’t get with traditional Apple store. According to Cydia developer, currently 20% of people having iPhone use Cydia on their device.

How to Get Cydia:

Below is the step by step Cydia that will help you to download Cydia in your iDevice. It is important to note that Cydia installer is available for different Apple device and iOS including iOS 7, 6 and later version. So you should first check your device and get compatible version only.

1.) As we said that in order to download Cydia you must have Jailbroken device, So first you need to Jailbreak your iPhone using various available software and tools like Redsn0w, GreenPoison, evasi0n and more. I would suggest you to jailbreak your device only from trusted sources as given here. Many time people reporting that Jailbreaking didn’t add Cydia and also their iPhone get slow after that. But if you use Jailbreaking sources given here you won’t have any kind of issue.
2.) Now at the time of Jailbreaking software tool will ask you to add Cydia? And you simply allow them to for that.
3.) After completing the process you first need to reboot your iPhone, iPod or iPad and then you’ll able to see Cydia logo at the home screen.

Congratulation you’ve successfully installed Cydia on your device and it is ready to use. Once you open that you’ll see that by default 4 to 6 repository also called as repo available under the Manage source section. Few of them are ModMyi, BigBoss, Ztt. If you need more repo that help you to get more themes, tweaks and app then you can simply do that by adding source url of repo under Edit and following simple instruction given by that repo developer.

So, now you’ve successfully download and install Cydia on your iPhone and using that you can get famous repo like Installous, AppCake that will allow you can get premium and paid apps, tweaks for FREE. Yes! You can get them for Free but I would suggest you to use that app for testing purpose only, once you feel everything is perfect you should think to buy that as it take so many hours or hard work to build such premium apps.

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