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How to increase your metabolism

Add some exercises throughout the day to boost your metabolism
Add some exercises throughout the day to boost your metabolism

Throughout the day your energy levels are like a daytime soap opera. You might experience extreme highs and lows. Your day might consist of hours on your feet or prolonged hours of sitting. One way to light a fire under your metabolism is to shake up your daily routine. Taking the stairs at work or parking farther away from buildings will help with an otherwise sedentary daily routine.


When using a tool like Calorie Finder, (which computes the right amount of calories you need to consume) Basal Metabolism/Resting Metabolism is factored in.
Basal Metabolic Rate/Resting Metabolic Rate- are the amount of calories your body needs to perform basic functions (e.g. Vital organ functioning, and digestion)

Basically, when you are doing nothing at all your body is burning calories-these calories are needed for proper functioning. Failure meet your body's basic demands (like when fasting) will make your metabolism sluggish. 

Also, people with a lower percentage of body fat (i.e. muscular) have a higher metabolism than others that are less muscular because muscle uses more calories to maintain itself than fat.
Some people have a slower metabolic rate and have a harder time staying slim. A slow metabolism actually causes you to store fat.
Factors Effecting Metabolism:
1. Age
2. Gender
3. Height
4. Weight
5. Genetics
6. Eating habits
7. Activity level
Although we are stuck with what mama gave us in factors 1-5, we are totally capable of taking charge of factors 6 and 7 (eating habits, and activity level) and showing them who's their daddy.

Here is a day in the life of Sedentary, Light, Moderate and Vigorous Metabolisms:

Like calories on a food journal, so are the days of our lives
Bummed Basal Episode 1:

Sally Sedentary awakens to find the alarm clock a menace as usual. Why had she stayed awake until 2 a.m. again (not getting the recommended 7-8 hours of beauty sleep) plotting her revenge against her perky twin Maisy Moderate. Maisy Moderate had returned from a remote jungle (once thought to have died in that plane crash) with a new lease on life vowing, "I will never go hungry again!".

Maisy Moderate jogged across the foreign jungle 6 times a day for 30 mins, leaving one day to rest and some light walking. She survived off of the lush vegetation of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and abundant whole grains. After whipping herself into top physical form she swam 7 miles with the determination and strength to see her love Ricardo Reallyfast.

No time to day dream or breakfast as Lacey rushes out the door to her 9-5 job, billing the daylights out of every patient that has walked-hobbled rather-into General Hospital.

Sally slumped in her cubicle attending to the mounting files to be typed. At noon, she walked down the hall to get lunch from the vending machine. Sally Sedentary quickly stopped to overhear some tasty info from two people talking near an open window:

Light Activity in the Courtyard:

Doctors Mr and Mrs. Walker were talking about organizing a charity Walk-A-Thon to raise money for the sick children and their families.

"Thank you for the healthy lunch dear, it really helps to eat like this after a day like today. Being the top surgeon in all of Port Charles-I'm on my feet a lot. I am very excited about the Walk-A-Thon too. Ricardo Reallyfast has constructed a beautiful course for the event tonight." says Mr. Walker.
"Fabulous! And, we've been training for the Walk-A-Thon by taking those long romantic walks on the beach. I do believe we will finish the 5 mile walk this time honey." replied Mrs. Walker

-Just then Ricardo pulls up on his mountain bike

"Hey guys I was just out on my daily 15 mile bike ride and thought I would come by and tell you Maisy Moderate and I will be joining in on the event! I will roller blade and she will jog. Its going to be a blast!"
"Fabulous!" exclaimed Mrs. Walker, "here Ricardo Reallyfast eat this healthy energy bar we had leftover in our picnic basket. See you tonight!"

Oh great- thought Sally, my sister Maisy Moderate will be jogging alongside her buff, rollerblading  boyfriend Ricardo Reallyfast tonight. And Mr. and Mrs. Walker are walking the entire 5 miles! The nerve of some people.  Well, I'm not going. I will be too tired for anything. How do all these people have the time and energy?

Do you see the many different ways the characters go about their daily activities? You can amp up your metabolism by taking a good look at your own routine. What is your guiding light?



  • Valerie 5 years ago

    Jayia you crack me up...your stories are funny and they make great points!! Thanks.

  • mo walls 5 years ago

    Jayia, thanks so much for this great story and analogies! Keep up the great work! Thank-you for being such a great motivator as well!!

  • Jennifer Jones 5 years ago

    Great job on this article! Informative and fun to read!

    Dallas Beauty Treatments Examiner & Dallas Volunteerism Examiner

  • Lauren/Plano Twitter Examiner 5 years ago

    Great article! I will definitely use your suggestions to up my metabolism!

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