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How to increase your email click-through rates

Use A/B Testing When Creating An Email Marketing Campaign
Use A/B Testing When Creating An Email Marketing Campaign
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If you have carefully crafted an email marketing campaign, one of your main goals after your recipient opens the email is for them to click on a link in the email to get to your landing page, social media, or some other location where you have company content. When a lot of recipients click a link you provide from your email, it improves your click-through rate. Follow these tips to make the most of your email campaigns and increase your email click-through rates.

Customize Your Email Campaigns According to Demographic Groups

When you have demographic data on certain groups of your customers (men, women, younger adults, older adults), you can use that data to send them emails that are tailored to their needs and interests.

This way, rather than feeling like you are spamming them with generic content, they will be more interested in the contents of the email you send them because it relates to them and they will be more likely to click through to reach your website or social media platforms.

Embed Pictures or Video and Color into Emails

Plain text is boring, and it isn’t likely to get the attention of someone opening an email. It is very easy to use different colors and fonts in your email as well as embedding pictures or videos right into the email that will catch your recipient’s eye as soon as they open it. Use different sized headings and plenty of white space to make your text easy to read, and use colorful, easily recognized buttons for your social media platforms that your recipients will want to click right away.

Use A/B Testing

The most effective way of determining what kind of email will be most successful for your customers is to conduct A/B testing with two different kinds of emails and see which email gets opened more often and which email encourages more click-throughs.

Modify a number of qualities for each email, such as the language and tone of each email and the overall appearance of the email once they open it, and you will be interested to find that after you analyze your data with marketing automation, each email will produce unique results.

You will ultimately get more click-throughs if you take the best qualities of the email that got opened most and got the most click-throughs if you apply those qualities to future emails you send to your leads and customers, because you will know what keeps their attention and interest.

Use Timing to Your Advantage

Use marketing automation to determine what times of day and days of the week your emails get opened more, and send out emails during those days and times to increase click-through rates. If people are opening your emails more in general at a certain time, they will be more likely to click through to your website or social media platforms while they have the email open.

In general, people are more likely to open emails on the weekends because they have more free time, but you may find unique results based on your own testing.

Identify an Effective Call-to-Action

You want your recipients to click through to your website or social media once they open the email you send them, but you need to give them a good reason why they should click through. This is where a call-to-action comes in. A call-to-action may encourage readers to click through to your website to find products or services that will solve a problem they have, or you may encourage them to click through to receive a valuable discount.

Once you identify an effective call-to-action, make it easy for the recipient to click through with an eye-catching button that they can’t miss. You may want to do some testing to see if recipients respond better to a button at the top, center or bottom of the email, or some combination of the above, and once you find out which variation gets the most click-throughs, stick with that method.

As long as you are sending the right emails to the right people, making your emails attractive, and implementing testing to determine the best email campaign strategies, you should easily be able to increase your email click-through rates.

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