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How to increase female sexual libido

Restoring your libido may be as simple as working on your self esteeem
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Lately your sexual desire is dissapearing. In fact it's practically faded out of the sexual equation. Increasing your libido has never been a problem before. Desire and enthusiasm once came naturally. What's killing your libido? There could be many contributing factors to a loss of desire. The good news is that your libido can be increased to overcome those factors.

Good self image

Today's media surrounds us daily with increasing images of perfect women. Maybe your partner even has a collection of magazines full of beautiful naked women brimming with lust. These images are hard to live up to. Solving this issue may be as simple as remembering that these are paper women, and you are the real thing.

In reality, your partner knows your value as a female is far beyond women who sell their bodies and souls on those pages. Out of all the women in the world he has chosen you. In his eyes, you are the ultimate female sexual partner. Get back up on that pedestal where you belong.

Improved blood flow

When desire awakens, blood flow increases to the genitals. This can work in reverse as well. Libido can be heightened by using other methods for increasing blood flow.

Exercise is an excellent avenue for increasing blood flow. In addition, exercise makes a female feel healthy, sexy and ready to satisfy her man's desire.

Exercise isn't the only way to get your blood pumping. There are many herbs and foods that have this effect as well. Schisandra is an herb that increases blood flow to the female genitals, thus increasing sexual libido. Chili peppers literally heat you up with desire from the inside out. Chili Peppers are also responsible for increasing endorphins to lift spirits.

Mood enhancement

Laughter is the best medicine for lightening moods. A good laugh over a funny flick can increase desire through mood enhancement. Try seeing a stand up comedy act. As an added bonus, these are sometimes full of sexual humor as well, which may work subconsciously on increasing desire.

Chocolate's phenylethamine mimics the feelings associated with love, therefore increasing female libido. Another great reason to eat chocolate! Some women might be tempted to drink alcohol in order to loosen inhibitions. This is a temporary solution to increasing female desire. The problem is that alcohol is a depressant and will actually decrease female sexual libido over time.


Ironically, birth control pills can alter hormonal balance, causing female sexual libido to plummet.

Another hormonal culprit is menopause. As we age our hormone levels change and decrease. From a purely physical standpoint, increasing sexual desire fuels the body to reproduce. If there is no longer a possibility for the female body to reproduce, there is no need for it to manufacture hormones to continue increasing sexual libido.

Satavri Extract is a natural supplement to increase testosterone levels.

Zinc is another libido stimulating testosterone booster.

There is also a testosterone gel that can be prescribed by a doctor for increasing desire. The gel is actually made for men but is effective for the female as well.

If you are on the pill, consider a different method of birth control to balance unstable hormone levels.


Both male and female sexual libido need variety. Break out of the old sexual mold. Spend the day thinking about your honeymoon phase when you were filled with desire. Try different locations or positions. Relive the excitement of your first dates together. Don't be afraid to try new things. Variety is the spice of life.

Please note: The Author is not a licensed medical professional. This article is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

This article was previously published by Jaipi Sixbear on Yahoo! Voices

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