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How to incorporate pastel color trends into your work wardrobe

Your personal style sends an important message about your personality, lifestyle and capabilities. However, there is a time and a place for all things fashonable, trendy and colorful. When coordinating a professional wardrobe, it is important to appear relevant and "up to date". You can do this effortlessly by incorporating seasonal color trends into your exisitng wardorbe. For most people, adding pastels into your wardrobe is a quick solution for a current and relevant wardrobe. There are certain guideline to follow when dressing for the workplace, not to mention certain guideline for your individual skint tones and body strucurtre. Mixing colors, especially colors of the same color category (brights, pastels, neutrals, etc) should be dealt with in a minimalistic fashion. Minimalism is the key to classicism. Below are some sure fire ways to update your work wardrobe by incoporating the seasonal color trends, pastels.

Update your work wardrobe with subtle pastels and neutral color combinations for Spring 2012. Try pastel accessories like handbags or a clutch.
Spring 2012 runway collections
Erika Chloe picks pastel blazer to accentuate soft greys for spring 2012
Chloe Spring 2012

It’s best to pick one piece of your base clothing (top, pants, blazer) that will be your focal point of color. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you will be chaneling your French alterego and will be completely devoid of color. You will be adding value to the piece that you do choose to work with. Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Now, although this section is not about accessories, these words of wisdom still ring true in all aspects of styling.

That being said, be careful where you place your focal piece because it will be the place that draws the most attention. Begin with solids when attempting to incorporate more than one pastel in an outfit. If you’re new to the color game, the easiest place to start is with a blouse. Most of you, I will assume, already own a pair of neutral pants. The next step would be to add a fresh spring blouse to that equation. Fashion stylists call these items “seasonal pieces” as they are the best way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank. They are the pieces that can be rotated and incorporated easily with what you already own. Multiple pastels will convey a fun yet professional look for spring and summer.


Most people believe that they either can or cannot wear pastels, but the truth is colors come in two forms, either cool or warm. Your skintone will most likely relate to either one or the other. Only a fortunate few can pull off both without seeming washed out or sickly. One of the first things a fashion consultant will do with a client is to determine if they are cool colored or warm colored. Once this small but significant trick is learned by the client, their journey to being able to work within their personalized color palate has begun.


For those who are looking for a slightly edgier look, the simpilest way to do this is a complete pant/skirt suit in the same color. Such as a soft pink pastel, an off white, or a neutral. Stick with mellow colors for this last trick, as anything too bright will draw too much unwanted attention.


Pastel accessories are harmless but any personal stylist will tell you that there are two rules that go along with wearing them and they both revolve around the face. The face is the easiest area of the body to wash out depending on what colors are being worn. It is more important to watch your color choices near your face than any other part of your body. Rule 1: know if you are cool or warm. This slight change in tonal quality can make a world of difference when it comes to your appearance. Being able to analyze a color while shopping is one of the best strategies you can apply. Rule 2: keep it simple. If wearing jewelry, make sure the pendant is simple. The chain should never be pastel, only the pendent and it should compliment your outfit, not outweigh it. The only exception is if the necklace is a low bodied one. Remember, anything near your face runs the risk of washing you out. When shopping, accessories to be cautious about for are hats, earrings, scarfs,sunglasses,etc. Alternative to these are accessories such as shoes, bags and belts.

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Special Thanks to Personal Stylist: Brooke Brazil


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