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How to improve your social media management

How to improve your social media management
How to improve your social media managementPhoto by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If you want to be visible in today’s marketplace, you absolutely must have a presence on social media.

But if you're an entrepreneur, says the team at PayAnywhere, a leading U.S.-based mobile payments company, one of the single most important things you can do this year to help you reach your business goals is to ensure that you are keeping up with the various changes taking place on social media platforms.

This week, PayAnywhere and shared a number of critically important tips for improving social media management.

Chief among the tips presented is the need for quality storytelling.

"Content that matters is still the core of social media management," the post on PayAnywhere's blog reads. "Strategize, implement, review and adjust constantly to improve your content plan. It's not enough to continually promote your products, services, and offers. People are on social media for a reason. And it doesn't involve being bombarded with marketing messages from brands. Stories will make you relevant."

For more tips, check out the full post here.