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How to Improve Your Run


Photo by Cadet Dale Becker

Here are four simple tips which can help you improve your running technique:

  • Stride length and placement - Many people will overstep when they run which causes the heel to hit the ground first. You should shoot for landing mid-foot when you step. This will help you move foward and not slow yourself down with each step.
  • Stride frequency - Reducing your stride length will increase your frequency of taking steps. You should shoot for 88-90 strides per minute.
  • Arm movement - Keep your arms relaxed but move them fast and be sure not to have them leave your side. Tucking them in will transfer their energy better to the foward movement of your body.
  • Posture - Run tall, slightly leaning foward. This will allow you to maximize your strides and run "downhill" even on a flat surface.