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How to import your 2014 W2 form using TurboTax online

Import w2 form
Import w2 form
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If your employer is a participating TurboTax W-2 partner, then you can easily and securely import your tax year 2014 W2 form in all versions of TurboTax 2015. Your employer decides if and when you can import your W-2.

Your employer will have to make it available by February 6. On your W-2 form you will find the Employer Identification Number (EIN) in which TurboTax uses to determine if your employer offers W-2 import.

Getting started

To import your W-2 information you need to first begin by opening your return in TurboTax. Next you want to choose Federal Taxes or Personal if you’re using the home and business edition.

Then type in the Employer Identification Number that you found on your W-2 form then you would click Continue. If TurboTax identifies your employer as being a W-2 partner, you’ll see Great News! We Can Enter Your W-2 for You.

If you see that then you can go to the next step. If they are not a participating partner then you’ll see a screen where you can manually enter your W-2 and the rest of the steps will not apply.

If they are a partner then now you must enter the requested information which is different for each employer. Some may use Social Security number others employee login, etc.

You can use the payroll providers contact information provided on the screen if you need help finding your login. Now you want to enter your credentials and then click the Import my W-2 button at the bottom of the screen.

After the import is complete

After the import is complete and you have more W-2 forms to enter, then you will want to go through the remaining questions regarding your first W-2. Then you will see the question Do You Have Another W-2 to Enter? Then choose Yes and click Continue.

If you come back later and need to import multiple W-2 forms then you need to do the following: choose Federal Taxes or Personal in the Home and Business Edition, choose Wages and Income and then choose Explore on Your Own if you have the CD or download version or I’ll Choose What I Work On if it’s the online version.

Then scroll down to Your Income Summary screen to the Wages and Salaries group. Choose the Start/Update button next to the Wages and Salaries group. Then on the W-2 Summary screen, click the button Add Another W-2 to add an additional W-2 form.

Then on the Let’s Start with a Bit of Info from the W-2 screen, then enter the employers EIN number and click Continue. If you see Great News! We Can Enter Your W-2 for you, then you can type in the requested information just as you did for the first imported W-2. If you do not see this message and you’ll have to manually enter this additional W-2 form.

So as you can see TurboTax makes it easy to import your W-2’ s if your employer is a participating partner.

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