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How to identify liberty-minded individuals; Free Operation Politically Homeless Kit

Stephen Parvin, President of the Middle Tennessee State University Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is proud to give away Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) kits for free to student Libertarian groups who are interested in identifying liberty-minded individuals.

Student groups can request a free kit by sending an email to

The only catch is that the groups must agree to host an OPH event at least three times a year and email photos and videos of the events to The Advocates.

In order to draw interest Parvin says he uses a non-confrontational approach. He sets up a small desk with a small chart that asks 10 questions. 5 questions about social issues and 5 questions about economic issues. The person's answers place them in a category that ranges from Libertarian, Liberal, Conservative, Centrist, and Statist.

Parvin says, "If the person scores in the Libertarian area, or anywhere near, we ask if they would be interested in receiving any more information, and if so, they fill out the back of the Quiz with their contact info, and we give them a flyer or a YAR [Young American Revolution, YAL's excellent magazine]".

...the event is really just a fun, light-hearted recruitment event designed to open people's minds to the fact that there is more to politics than the 'left/right' propaganda we've been taught from the federal government, and most importantly, to identify liberty-minded new members."

For more info visit

Request a free student kit by sending an email to


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