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How-to ideas in creating an interior hanging wall decor for the abode

A framed living decor hanging on wall
A framed living decor hanging on wall
Sean A. O'Hara/ Flickr

In a fast-paced life full of coping with the everyday stresses of maneuvering through crowds and rushing to the next engagement, making your homes' decor comforting, relaxing and inviting is vital. Creating a live decor to hang is a wonderful way to surround yourself with soothing, ecological art that gives back in colorful greenery as well as purifies the air around you.

Hanging beautiful living wall fashions,; A fun and fulfilling decor opportunity

Imagine growing a garden that is so beautiful it can be shown off in a frame prominently hung on the wall above the living room sofa. There are many exciting ways to create a beautiful framed garden ready to display on a wall using picture hanging wire just as one would hang any lovely piece of wall art.

Create your own wall garden

During nasty weather you can find yourself cooped up inside staring at the four walls of a room. Why not take the opportunity to be creative while also adding living and sustainable art? Check out the easy tutorial by MB. Marcie on Instructables; a pretty frame, sheet moss, air plants and glue make easy living wall art.

Living wall art

Even those without a total green thumb will be enticed. "Living Wall Art" tutorial by mb. marcie mentions the small amount of water that is used to keep this creative plant alive, and believe it or not it requires much less water than your regular potted plant. A very easy to follow tutorial, allowing you to effortlessly build your very own framed living decor simply by cutting a sheet moss to fit within a beautiful frame and then voila, add the air plants. promotes the beauty of living succulent art. Those of us without green thumbs have learned that succulent plants can be our best friends. These plants require a very small amount of water as well, making it easy and guilt free when going away on a vacation and knowing that you will return to still flourishing green lush wall decor. Sunset has a number of great tutorials and ideas for making a hanging picture garden. They go a step further by making it even easier by offering an all-in-one succulent garden kit ready to be assembled and hung.

Achieve living wall art simple

You can purchase an Indoor Living Wall Kit from Just like if you were framing a piece of art, imagine ordering a living wall kit to match and compliment its surroundings. Choose from a Country Frame, Traditional Frame, Modern Frame or Rustic Frame. The kits come complete and ready to buy with your favorite plants. When planning your wall art pay close attention to the type of wall it will be hung on and be sure to keep in mind sun exposure. Remember to always check moisture levels and trim it on the regular to keep it clean and fresh.

Be creative and make a grouping of stunningly framed plants to hang up. Why not mix traditional artwork like paintings and prints for an added sense of dimension and color? The plant will act as an image and air freshener all in the same, Mother Nature at its finest.

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