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How to hide green vegetables in chocolate smoothies

To make a chocolate-blackberry smoothie with a hidden package of raw baby spinach in it, rinse about two cups of organic baby spinach leaves and place the spinach in a blender with two tablespoons of flax seed meal or flax seeds (that you'll grind in the blender with the liquid content). Now add one or two tablespoons of unsweetened natural cocoa powder. An optional step is adding a scoop of protein powder.

How to hide green vegetables in chocolate smoothies.
Anne Hart, photography. Blackberries, banana, flax seed meal, and spinach smoothie.

Add a cup or two of almond milk or a cup of almond milk and a cup of decaf green tea, the drink, not the dry powder or tea. Now place a peeled banana (green banana almost turning yellow) in the blender. Emulsify everything to a liquid puree. Next, add a package of frozen blackberries or a cup of fresh, cleaned blackberries. Liquefy everything so you have a thick smoothie. Blend until the green mixture changes color from the blackberries. Blend until everything is liquefied/emulsified into a smoothie/shake. Add more blackberries, if desired, until the rich dark chocolate color appears. The unsweetened cocoa powder will flavor the smoothie to taste more like a chocolate beverage.

Notice the color will be chocolate-like, like a deep fudge color. And the spinach is hidden and liquefied. You can't taste it. If you want it sweeter, another banana will do the trick. Serve like a dark chocolate fudge beverage. What makes it taste so good and chocolate-like is that the blackberry or raspberry goes well with cocoa flavored desserts or beverages. You can check out the site, "Liquid Lunch: How To Hide Spinach In A Smoothie | Food Republic."

You can freeze this into a sorbet-like dessert, if desired, or drink as a thick smoothie. Meanwhile, the taste is great, and the person drinking the smoothie gets a package of spinach in the concoction. It makes about 64 ounces of beverage, depending upon how much liquid mixed in the blender. The sweet taste comes from the banana and the berries, the color from the unsweetened natural cocoa powder, which enriches the taste and flavor to somewhat resemble dark chocolate. See, "Berry Spinach Smoothie - Hidden Vegetable Recipes - Redbook."

When you mix red, purple, or blackberries with the green color of the liquefied spinach, it turns the color of dark chocolate. You can change the color to a lighter chocolate tone by adding a carrot or some carrot juice or a few mango chunks, or a little beet juice or beet juice powder. The idea is mixing vegetables and liquids to resemble dark chocolate fudge and using bananas to sweeten the beverage. You may wish to check out, "How To Make A Green Smoothie Without The Bitter Flavor Of Greens."

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