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How to Help Your Date Choose the Right Beer

So, you’re hoping to impress your date with your expansive knowledge of craft beer, but are also a bit concerned about how they will take to your recommendations. Having met this person….never…you’re a bit “on the fence” about how bold you should be. Are you willing to take a risk and recommend to them a beer they’ll never forget? Or, are you looking to play it safe, and allow the beer to serve as an accompaniment to wonderful conversation, a so-called “third-wheel” beverage? Believe it or not, a new smartphone app may help you find the perfect craft beer recommendations that are guaranteed to impress even the most discerning of palates.

Welcome to the world of Bad Ass Beer App, a new smartphone sensation designed to smooth things over when it comes time to make the all-important beer recommendation. The Bad Ass Beer App (find more information here) features a wide variety of helpful features that will ensure that you have the craft beer knowledge you need exactly when you need it.

One of the more compelling features of this application is the loyalty system that is included with each new account. Craft beer establishments around the country are now offering a Beer Club that can be accessed through the Bad Ass Beer App. Using the app’s intuitive interface, beer enthusiasts can quickly browse the available selection of beers featured in each of their favorite breweries and discover new, delicious offerings.

In keeping with the protocols established by virtually all “loyalty card” systems in existence today, beer drinkers are rewarded with a variety of discounts and incentives when drinking products from craft beer manufacturers. Thanks to Bad Ass Beer App, all of this valuable information is stored in one location online and can quickly be accessed simply by logging on to the Bad Ass Beer App’s network.

So, next time you’re sitting at home looking to plan the perfect date with your special someone, whip out the Bad Ass Beer App and find new and exciting beer offerings in your home city. Those interested in learning more about participating institutions and the fine details of the app itself are advised to visit the official website of Bad Ass Beer App, The world of craft beer is incredibly diverse, and offers countless entertaining adventures for beer lovers across the country. Enjoy!

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