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How to help your child deal with stress

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Most adults have some type of stress in their lives and it is no surprise when we hear about adults going through stressful situations, but it does come as more of a surprise when we hear that a child is dealing with stress.

I believe that most adults think of a child as a having a carefree lifestyle and having no worries in the world; however that belief is farthest from the truth. Many kids are dealing with stress on a daily basis and learning how as a parent to help your child deal with stress and anxiety is imperative for a child's emotional well-being.

Here are five ways to help your child deal with stress and anxiety:

Listen to your child

Try and find out what is causing your child's stress and then listen intently to what your child is saying. It is not a time to pass judgment on your child but instead to just listen and let your child know that you are concerned about his or her well-being and that he or she is being heard with an open ear and heart.

Brainstorm together to solve the problem

After finding out what is causing your child's stress, brainstorm with your child how the problems or issues can be resolved so that the stress can be eliminated. Try to come up with multiple solutions so that your child has a variety of routes to take to solve the problem.

Minimize the stress

Try to help your child minimize the stress in their lives by removing the things that are causing the stress. If your child is in multiple sports or activities and it is causing stress in your child's life, have your child just do one sport or activity.

Be patient

Your child's stress may be something that your child just needs to work through, so being supportive and patient is sometimes the best thing you can do for your child while he or she is figuring out on how to deal with their stress and anxiety. Keep in mind that as a parent, you may not be able to solve all of your child's problems but patience from a parent can be a reassuring component for a child.

Understand feelings and emotions

Helping your child understand the feelings and emotions they are experiencing when they are stressed will aid your child in dealing with stress. Sometimes not understanding one's own feeling is scarier than dealing with the stress itself. Many kids do not understand the idea of stress and why they are feeling it, so teaching a child what they are feeling and experiencing is a good start in understanding on how to deal with stress.