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How to help sell your home during the holiday season

The holiday season can be a particularly challenging time for home owners to sell their home. Many potential buyers may be more interested in spending time with family and shopping and less so in making a large purchase. However, there is some light on the horizon as those that are shopping are more than likely very serious in their quest for a new home. Lucky for most of us we have the professional guidance of Tina Goddard of Century 21 The Moore Group in Orangeburg, South Carolina to help us figure out the best strategy to get our homes sold.

Real estate expert Tina Goddard offers up great advice on selling your home during the holidays.
Tina Goddard, Real Estate Expert Century 21 The Moore Group

Q- Please tell the readers a little about yourself and your approach to your trade?

Tina- I have worked previously in almost all areas of the real estate industry. I began as an office coordinator, relocation director/coordinator and a variety of other administrative positions. After moving through those positions I decided to utilize that knowledge to my advantage in the sales/marketing side of real estate. I focus a lot of my energy and marketing efforts on relocation business as I have had the most training in that area and find that those buyers and sellers tend to be the most motivated and able. I enjoy all aspects of residential real estate but that would have to be where my strongest marketing is focused.

Q- What is the single biggest mistake homeowners make during the holidays when selling their home?

Tina-The biggest mistake is to take the home off the market or to limit the accessibility to buyers during the holidays. If buyers are looking during this time typically reserved for vacation and family, then they are most likely very serious.

Q- What can sellers do to assist their realtor in a successful sale during the holiday months?

Tina- Again, be as accommodating as they can and responsive in a timely manner. Showings, questions and negotiations are crucial during the holidays.

Q- Curb appeal is particularly challenging during winter months, what should home sellers do to improve their home’s impact on a potential buyer?

Tina- Lighting is important as it gets dark so early and buyers will often preview after getting off work. Vacant homes can be cold! Warmth is crucial, if they have gone through 2-3 properties prior to yours. They are cold and less likely to linger. As far as the exterior, winter debris (pine cones, branches etc) should be kept up with as frequently as possible. Driveways and walkways swept, winter plantings in pots and seasonal wreaths on the doors etc are nice touches as well. DO remove the Christmas décor as soon as the holidays are over.

Q- Why is it better to use a realtor over selling your home yourself?

Tina- Realtors, particularly those who work within a franchise have access to marketing avenues that are not available to the public. We have established relationships with other agents and can assure them that they will be paid for their work. Then there is the representation that provides confidence to the seller that all of the puzzle pieces are in place to provide a smoother transaction. Financing, inspections and repairs must be completed in a timely manner and by professionals to ensure the the contract will move on the to desired closed result. Many, many times Realtors come in after a failed negotiation between two parties trying to represent themselves. It is frustrating and difficult to rebuild the confidence in another party on future negotiations once they have been through that kind of experience. And, quite frankly, at that point their business in ‘on the street’ because of the lack of confidentiality provided in a client relationship provided under SC Agency Law.

Q- Would you like to give readers a few samples (links) to what you are currently selling?

Tina- Visit and they will find visual tours and photos for my current inventory. As well as tips about relocation, and items of interest within the Orangeburg community.

Q- If a potential buyer or seller is interested in buying or selling a home how may they reach you? Just call Tina at # (803) 535-6248 which is my direct office line or my cell # (803) 308-4549. They can email me out of my website which is if they prefer to read up a little about me first!

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Good luck with selling your home!

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