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How to help a dog that collapses into a seizure

It is always sad when the canine family member is not feeling well!!
It is always sad when the canine family member is not feeling well!!
I just feel so blah, blah, blah by Steve took it

It is not often that a dog collapses and frequently is a result of a serious medical condition. If your dog does seem to “faint” or collapse, you need to contact your local Rockford-area veterinarian as listed below or one closest to your home so that you can get a diagnosis and proper treatment for whatever the proble may be.

Although there can be various reasons for a dog to collapse, a common problem can occur from a bleeding tumor. A bleeding tumor is also known as a hemoabdomen. Most often the tumor has to be surgically removed which is a serious and costly procedure. Howeer, most of us would do anything we can for our pets.

Another issue is a seizure in dogs that is associated with spasms or movement of the legs. Most pet owners panic when their dog collapses into a full blown seizure, which puts you into an unstable position to assist your pet. So what do you do if your dog is in seizure mode?

  • First and foremost, stay calm so that you can help your dog. A dog in a seizure is unconscious and not suffering.
  • Time each seizure. Most last 30 seconds or less, which can seem like a lifetime. However, if it prolongs into minutes, contact your vet immediately.
  • Try to keep your pet away from harm like nearby furniture, stairs, doors, sharp objects or walls. Try to carefully place a pillow under your pet’s head to protect it from head trauma.
  • It is a myth your dog will swallow its tongue but do not put your hand or anything in its mouth during the seizure.
  • Keep children and other pets away from your dog during the seizure.
  • Check how your pet is breathing and when your dog calms down, check its heart rate and color of the gums to advise your vet. Take note of muscular activity or abnormal behaviors during the seizure.
  • The best you can do until the seizure is over is to remain calmly by your dog’s side, stroking, petting and comforting it in a tender voice so that your pet feels at ease when it comes around.
  • Call your vet immediately to find out what the real issue is. If the seizure is due to a bleeding tumor or other blood-related medical issue, the gums will be pale and breathing labored.
  • Some dogs have frequent seizures while others may just be occasional, indicating a minor to major issue.

Aside from a bleeding tumor, other medical concerns that can lead to a seizure includes:

  • Liver disease
  • Poison or toxins
  • Low blood sugar
  • Inflammatory or infectious disease affecting the nervous system
  • Hear trauma
  • Brain tumor
  • Congenital concerns, often from birth
  • Blood vessel disorders
  • Some seizures are idiopathic, meaning an undetermined cause

A seizure or collapse and convulstion is a sudden excessive firing of nerves in the brain because of involuntary contractions of the voluntary muscles, abnormal sensations, abnormal behaviors, or some combination of these events. A seizure can last from seconds to minutes. The severity of the seizure varies with symptoms such as far-away look or twitching in one part of the face to your dog falling on his side, barking, gnashing his teeth, urinating, defecating and paddling his limbs.

Once your pet is calm and the seizure is past, offer him or her some water and talk with your vet for further instructions. Your pet may stumble a little and be vocal while trying to regain its composure. Most times, it just takes minutes but if your pet is not fully recovered with 30 minutes, your dog needs immediate medical attention. Further information can be found at

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