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How to heal with a touch

Shelley working with one very beautiful horse!
Shelley working with one very beautiful horse!

Shelley Wallen and her Canine children.
provided by Shelley Wallen

A short time ago I was invited to a local meeting of some wonderful local folks who work in fields related to animals, mostly dogs. While they were all really nice women, there were a few who struck a chord in me. One of these ladies is a woman named Shelley Wallen.  (Her website is still under construction, but you can email her at  She is a Certified Practitioner of the Healing Touch for Animals program.

So what exactly does Shelley do for animals? She uses a gentle, hands-on technique that works to clear and balance the energy system in the animal she is helping. It is based on the Healing Touch Program in use today in many hospitals for humans. Modified specifically to work with the energy systems of animals it allows us to help treat injuries, illness, disease, behavioral issues, anxiety, pre/post surgery, competition, trauma or pain management. HTA is not meant to replace traditional health care through the family Vet; but is yet an alternative method to help bring a pet back to it’s full potential in balanced health and is used with traditional care.

Shelley should know.

When she first discovered HTA she shared her life with 2 dogs, both with food & seasonal allergies-so she was hoping for some relief there. She advanced to the second level of HTA training once she realized the potential in this method. About that time both her Canine Children were diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease (their blood lost ability to clot) and treatment for the more severely affected dog was Chemotherapy. After about 3 weeks her poor pup was on 8 prescription drugs to treat all the side-effects & reactions she had from the treatment. It became dire enough the vet prepared them for the worst of all possibilities-euthanasia.

During the Chemo treatments, her vet had requested she hold off using her HTA training so that her dogs immunity system would not be overwhelmed. When she was given the ‘nod’ to begin her alternative treatment, they witnessed that within 1 week (ONE WEEK) the red & white cell counts on both dogs were within normal range and by the end of her second month, her little girl was completely off all medications! That was when she decided to become certified in HTA so she could assist other people by healing their pets to.

Shelley considers it an honor to be trusted with such  treasured family members as our pets.
All too well she understand the helplessness that can accompany a serious health diagnosis, especially when the pet in question is a beloved member of the family…not ‘just’ a pet!

Shelley admits that she has always had a special bond with dogs, but she works on many different animals: cats, dogs, horses, birds, fish and has even worked with a few reptiles and buffalo! She’s always had a girl’s love of horses, but says since being involved with HTA she has really found a renewed bond with them and has rekindled her passion for working with horses. Through becoming more aware of energy she has opened herself to the amazing world of Animal Communication, even though she admits to being a skeptic at first. But, while she doesn’t use the title Animal Communicator to describe herself, she certainly has learned to incorporate many of the principles used to communicate with animals in her energy work. She finds them especially helpful when dealing with behavioral cases.

When I asked Shelley if she had any interesting/fun stories about any interaction with wildlife, she had a delightful story. Anyone who has ever tried to save a small wild bird knows how difficult that is, chances of recovery & release are usually pretty slim. Not that it ever stops us from trying the rare time one of our Feline children manages to catch one!

One day Shelley experienced a bird flying into her kitchen window, effectively knocking itself out cold. She ran out fearing the worst and was surprised to find it was breathing, but unconscious. She gently scooped the small bird into her hands and began using HTA techniques to help the energy of the trauma be released. He opened his eyes and was calm, even upon realizing his delicate body was in the hands of a much larger creature. He eventually was able to sit-up and after a short while began to show signs of being alert. Yet, even then he wasn’t quite ready to leave her and her energy. Occasionally she would encourage him gently to take flight, but he seemed content to relax a little longer. She stayed in loving, healing touch with this little bird for 45 (yes, FORTY FIVE) minutes before he spread his wings and effortlessly flew off-as if the crash had never happened!

As if this alone isn’t enough to make me want to learn HTA, Shelley continued to share herself with me in a way that inspires me to be more involved somehow with her own vision-because it is so in line with my own. As life-long animal lovers, most of us have always been intrigued by the animal/human connection and bond. Shelley has been able to take that bond to another level, a level that she encourages us ALL to learn.

Not only for the amazing experience of being able to help our beloved pets feel better, to stay healthier longer into their golden years…but also because you cannot explain the deep connection you get through this type of work; it must be experienced. When you experience true healing, you become more aware of so many other areas of your life. In her own words, what she would love to affect is this change: “I would like to expand my practice of working with animals into what we can learn from them to assist our own healing process and then take this Heart Centered approach into our families, our communities and beyond-to really make a difference and inspire change”

I’m right there with you!

To help get the ball rolling she has already begun a program where she uses her role as the Denver Coordinator for the HTA program to the best of her abilities. Every month Shelley contacts a local shelter/rescue organization and explains the HTA program. If they are open to the idea of the healing energy work, she sets up a time for practitioners to volunteer their time and energy into working with the animals at that location. What a wonderful idea! The animals receive healing, loving touch and more people learn about this exciting field!
Animals offer us so much more than mere companionship. For Shelley what this has translated to is a renewed passion for living each moment of live deliberately. To live your life with intention is extremely powerful. To understand the importance of now, never taking the next ‘now’ for granted. The importance of being still, of relaxing and breathing deeply can never be underestimated and a lesson our pets understand very well! (given that at any moment I can have up to 7 cats snoozing on my bed is a testament to that!)

Perhaps most importantly, if only because it is all too often overlooked: the importance of PLAY. Children and animals of all ages understand how important it is to simply express the joy of play, they may not be able to write an essay on the subject-they simply live it.

I highly suggest anyone interested in deepening their bond with their pets to find a way to connect on a level such as HTA offers. That is not to say it is the only way, but it is certainly proven to be effective and Shelley is a very wonderful, down-to-earth, warm and caring woman who truly offers a loving, healing touch for our pets who may be experiencing any number of various health issues or concerns. I know my animals all love and appreciate any time and energy I spend on them, whether it’s brushing, petting, a massage or playing-they thrive when we offer them love and Healing Touch for Animals provides more than just love, it provides healing.

For more information, contact Shelley directly and let her know where you heard about her! 


  • Gigi 5 years ago

    What a lovely story. Thank you for writing about Healing Touch for Animals.