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How to have perfect eyebrows

How to have perfect eyebrows
How to have perfect eyebrows
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Creating the perfect eyebrows is always a challenge for women. When it comes to the size and shape of an eyebrow, it depends on the woman’s features. One way to determine the size of eyebrows is to divide the brow into thirds.

The thick end should start at the bridge of the nose. The arch of the brow should be in the middle of the brow and the thin end should continue to the corner of the eye. Here are a few more tricks to having the perfect eyebrows.

Getting thicker brows: Using a brow powder, pencil or gel, fill in any thinner spots in the brow. Choose the brow products that are two shades lighter than the hair color. Use small strokes over the arches then use an eyebrow brush to blend and remove any excess color.

Skip using stencils: The perfect brow should be created along the unique bone structure. Stencils are more uniform and if they are used to draw on the brow can create an end product you aren’t happy with. If the stencil is off even just a fraction, it can give you the appearance of being angry, surprised, older and even lopsided.

Brows should match hair: Brow colors should match hair color. If you change your hair color, don’t try changing your hair color at home. See a professional colorist to correct the color. Mascara or concealer can be blended into the brow to lighten or darken brow color.

Choose the right tweezers: If you haven’t plucked you’re eyebrows before, use pointed tweezers with a slanted tip. They are easier to shape with and grab a hold of the longer hairs. To pluck short, stubborn hairs, turn the tweezer at an angle and pull from the pointed edge.

Open up the eyes: Curled lashes can open up the eyes and make them look wide eyed. Curl lashes before you put on mascara. Use firm pressure but don’t clamp down. Curl in stages by starting at the lash roots and move out to the tips.

Update mascara: Mascara is used to make lashes look fuller and/or longer. The brush matters. Using mascara with rubber bristles will coat all of the lashes even the littlest ones from root to tip which adds length. Plastic bristles give you a natural looking lash line. Fiber bristles help build lash thickness.

Prevent clumping: To prevent clumping dip your mascara brush in the tube then wipe if off on a paper towel to remove excess. Don’t use tissues otherwise you’ll get the lint on the brush. You can also use disposable mascara brushes to prevent clumping. Run them through the wet lashes to spread the mascara evenly.

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