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How to have healthy teeth for life and heal cavities

“You better brush and floss daily to take care of them if you want to have them till the day you die.” The dentist, your parents and even the teacher in first grade hounded you over it. Taking care of your teeth is the most common way to prevent dental caries, brown holes in your teeth.

Those past a certain age grew up being told there was nothing you could do about a cavity “Now let the dentist drill a hole in the tooth and fill it with that pretty silver.” Not so, it’s not “new news” but a holistic health habit that too many do not practice. Eating a variety of good food and fat soluble vitamins for children and making sure real minerals via real butter, cod liver oil, and Vitamin D milk are a practical part of the diet.

Why do cavities happen People these days are not educated about what causes a cavity and how to prevent the damage and high dentist bills. Calcium is leached out of the teeth through various parts of the body. The dentist calls it demineralization. And yes it is passed down from one generation to the next, the teeth becoming weaker with each generation if you don’t take the steps to intervene. Fat and water soluble vitamins also known as minerals Vitamins B, C and a whole lot of A, D,E, and K. plus calcium will make all the difference in the world to your teeth and the next generation’s.

The dentist who write the book on healing cavities, Ramiel Nagel Foods that heal your teeth. ½ teaspoon of Green Pasture’s Royal Blend fermented cod liver oil/butter oil, two to three times a day equaling 1.5 teaspoons per day.

  • 1-4 cups of raw grassfed milk or
  • four ounces of raw grassfed cheese.
  • Two cups of bone soup/broth daily made from the organs and bones of chicken, beef or fish.

It is possible to avoid root canals and cavities, for new tooth enamel, and increase your overall health and vitality. Cavities are just one of the signs from the body that it is deficient in vitamins and minerals. You can heal your cavity and I does take some time.

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