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How to have an environmentally friendly Halloween

Halloween pumpkins provide all sorts of green Halloween activities
Halloween pumpkins provide all sorts of green Halloween activities
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Are you looking for all natural environmentally friendly ways to celebrate Halloween? The parents of today are more educated about environmental issues and more concerned with finding all natural solutions to raising kids. Halloween is a consumer holiday. That means less environmentally friendly behavior and more waste. Incorporating natural living into Halloween activities is simple.Why not make this a green Halloween?

Face paint

Using face paint for Halloween cuts down on masks that might end up in the landfill. Take the natural approach one step further. Make your own natural face paint. Mix 1/3 cup each of cornstarch and glycerin. Divide into containers for different colors. Add a few drops of food coloring to each container and stir. You now have an all natural non-toxic environmentally friendly Halloween face paint.


Why buy costumes? Check the house for old clothes and props that can be used to make environmentally friendly Halloween costumes. Use old bed sheets to make capes and such for little super heroes. Check the attic or thrift store for old fashioned clothes. Thrift stores have old wedding dresses for the Halloween bride. Rather than deciding on a character and looking for an outfit, look at the clothes first and decide what you can use them for.

Trick or treat bags

Why go out and buy special bags for Halloween trick or treating? Sure they're cute but are they environmentally friendly? Even bags made of all natural materials are wasteful if they are purchased unnecessarily. Old pillow cases become environmentally friendly Halloween trick or treat bags with a bit of decoration and some fabric scrap handles.


Why not throw a Halloween party with homemade treats? It's a safer and more environmentally sound practice than trick or treating. You can make all kinds of fun Halloween goodies and not contribute to environmental waste. All that packaging goes in the landfill eventually. It makes a mess out of our natural well being. Homemade treats are better for kids than all that candy.


If you have children, decorating for Halloween and other holidays is a must. Don't be so quick to dispose of decorations after the Holiday Try to be conservative. Buy items that can be used every year. Throw those old Halloween pumpkins in the compost heap for an environmentally friendly trash solution. Use everything to it's limit before throwing it away.


Celebrating Halloween and other holidays the natural way doesn't just make an impact on one day. When you celebrate an environmentally friendly Halloween, you're teaching your children low impact traditions they will incorporate into their lives. Children really are the future of the planet. Teach them good habits now for a brighter future as environmentally friendly adults.

This article was previously published by this author on Yahoo!, then updated and revised for Examiner.

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