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How to have a successful yard sale

Making cash while getting rid of clutter? It's too good to be true!
Making cash while getting rid of clutter? It's too good to be true!

Having a yard sale is a great way to do some spring cleaning while making extra money! It takes some hard work, but the rewards can be worth it. Here are some tips to help you plan:

Make sure it's legal. Check with your city's policies on yard sales. You may need a permit or only be allowed to have a certain number of sales per year.

Gather your merchandise. Here is your chance to get organized and eliminate clutter! Set realistic goals for yourself like going through movies and electronics one day, clothes one day, and dishware another day.

Price each item. Putting a price tag on your things will save you time from people constantly asking you what something costs. Plus it will be easier to decipher the items that are not for sale.

Advertise! Like any successful store, you need to advertise! Place an ad in your local newspaper. Hang fliers up in community centers, parks, libraries, grocery stores, fitness centers, the dry cleaners, salons, or anywhere else you are able to. Make a post on Craigslist. Include it on your Myspace or Facebook page. Tell friends, co-workers, and neighbors to spread the word. A day before the sale, hang large posters. If you're unable to hang signs, put one in your car and park on a busier street. With any advertisement you are doing, make sure it is neat, eye-catching, and contains accurate information.

Set up like a store manager would. Hang clothes up or fold them nicely. Any working electronics should be plugged in and turned on. A bright bar light or running television will definitely be more noticeable turned on! If something is in the box, take it out. Lean any paintings or frames against the fence.

Make deals. Any good bargain hunter loves a deal! Putting things like "Buy 2 shirts, get 1 free" will entice people. Throw all of your unwanted DVDs in a box and say "DVDs 3 for $10."

Prepare for check-out. Keep a pen and paper near so you can write down "SOLD" on something if someone is coming back to pick it up. Have different denominations of bills and coins so you're able to give proper change. Collect garbage bags and grocery bags so people can carry their purchases easier. It's great to have tissue paper or tissue if you have glass objects.

Get ready to sell! You might consider asking a friend or neighbor to join in so you can take a break when necessary. Of course you will want to make sure the box with the money is in your sight at all times. In addition, you want to lock your house so people don't take advantage of you while you're distracted. Get ready to have a successful yard sale!



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