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How to have a social life when you are a working mom

At some point, every working mother misses the social life she had before she had children. While it is hard to the make time to have a social life, it is still important to connect with others (besides your spouse, co-workers, and family members). Friendships can help to lessen stress, provide avenues for good advice, provide for genuine sympathy, and even help with maintaining your sanity levels.

Most working women do not appreciate the time that they had for socialization prior to having children until they actually have children, and the days they could have a girl’s night out, a happy hour, or a late night, last minute, dinner seem like they are long behind them. While is difficult to have the social life you had prior to having children, adjustments are necessary to have a social life at all.

Here are some times to making time for that social life.

• Meet friends for lunch on weekdays.

• Plan play dates on the weekends with friends who have children close to your children’s ages.

• Call and catch-up with friends on the way to or from work.

• Invite friends over for dinner, and once the kids have gone to bed, you can have some time alone.

• Make phone calls and send out emails when the kids are napping during the day.

• Visit the mall or park with friends and catch up while your children play.

• Once in a while - perhaps once a month - get a babysitter and have that girl’s night out or a date with your spouse or significant other.

While you will never go back to having the social life you had before your children were born, you are entitled to some time to spend with other adults and perhaps have some resemblance of a social life. Moreover, you need to allow yourself permission to take that time.



  • Ohio Mom 4 years ago

    Yes, I can definately relate to this. Thanks for the suggestions.