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How to handle relationships to get to the common goal-building of your business

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Can you guess what the single most important skill for entrepreneurs is in the world of business? How to sell? Yes, but what does that really mean? How to develop a strategic plan? Sure, but what is at the core of the process? How to create new products? Of course, but what does the creative process entail? How to handle conflict? Ah, now we are getting to the heart and soul of what needs to stop being ignored.

Actually, how to handle relationships is the biggest business issue to tackle. Why? Well, think about it - every sale, every strategic plan, every creative endeavor has as the common denominator, people stuff.

We no longer live in a command and control world. We live in a team-based atmosphere where we will no longer accept the edict from the King or Queen to do what we are told. How did this change happen? It began when we started to see the planet as a global village. That started with the first photographs from space showing that we all live somewhere on what has been called "The blue pearl."

It became clear that we are all connected. TV helped us see that. However, the biggest revolution in the relationship realm came from the internet and is still steaming ahead with blogs, emails and comments that anyone annoyed with their boss or a product can go online and let millions of folks know what is going on.

Everyone who wants to air an opinion has become an expert. The 60's talked about "Power to the People" - it is this century that is making it happen.

So, what do you need to know about relationships? You say you are not a psychologist and you don't even like Dr. Phil. Sorry, this is the area that does and will separate the successful from the losers.

In my book, "Don't Bring It to Work" you can learn the major reasons relationships go awry. Better yet, you can learn to do something to make changes happen so your relationships cause you delight rather than grief.

There are 13 major behavior patterns we all learn from our original organization, the family that we bring into the workplace. This is not a preference, like choosing between butter pecan and almond fudge. You, and everyone you know, bring behavior patterns to work and if they are not changed to more adult ways of behaving, well, that is where you get the office politics, the snide remarks at meetings, the bull---- answers when you request honesty.

So, do yourself a favor. Lean about the ebb and flow of relationships and how to make them work on your behalf. You will be the better for it and so will your employees and customers. And as an added benefit, you can take the learning home and have a happier partner and happier kids. So, can you guess what the single most important skill for entrepreneurs is in the world of business?

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