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How to Handle a Roommate Break-Up

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, has decided to address break-ups of a platonic kind. As anyone who has ever had to part ways with a roommate knows, dissolving your residential relationship is not always easy. However, offers a short list of the absolutes you must follow:

These co-habitation commandments include:

1) Giving your roommate(s) ample notice of your plans to move out


2) Offering resources you found helpful in your search for a new place.

Also, if you are parting ways on bad terms, remember that you are under NO obligation to share anything about your future plans with your current roommate(s). Ample warning and arranging a move-out within the guidelines of your lease is all you need to do.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of How to Handle a Roommate Break-Up wherein will be tips for the non-business side of dissolving your roommate relationship.


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