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How to grow your email marketing list for greater success

Signage to join email list with QR Code and Text to Join option
Signage to join email list with QR Code and Text to Join option
Image created by Barbara Roman

Getting an email address is the most important piece of information you can get from a customer. Being able to email your customers/potential customers gives you a platform on which to grow a long-term relationship that fosters sales and referrals.

Below are 10 ways to maximize the growth of your email marketing list:

  1. Offer a discount or something free to those who sign up to your email list
  2. Use a QR Code and Text to Join option on your business card
  3. Place a link to your email list sign up form at the bottom of your everyday emails
  4. Include a link to your email list sign up form on every page of your website
  5. Include a link to your email list sign up form on your social media pages
  6. Have signage in your store telling about your email list and how to sign up
  7. Be sure your sales personnel verbally asks each customer if they would like to sign up to your email list
  8. Within the email promotions, ask your readers to forward the email to a friend or colleague and have a sign up button as well for those who receive the email via a forward.
  9. Joint Venture with other businesses wherein you promote them in your email promotions (via a link to their website where there is a sign up option to their email list) and they do the same for you. This exposes each of your businesses to a new audience.
  10. Offer e-receipts for purchases, which can offer customers additional benefits such as additional, helpful information and a discount for a future sale.

    When collecting email addresses you must be clear so your customer knows they are going to be put on your email list to receive future emails. If you’re offering an e-receipt for a purchase and you do not get their permission to also send future emails, and you do send them emails beyond their receipt, that is considered SPAM. When taking email addresses for e-receipts, give your customers a choice to also get on your email list. They must give you this specific permission, otherwise do not use their email address for anything but their one e-receipt for their purchase.

Whenever you ask people to sign up to your email list, always mention the frequency you’ll be emailing (monthly, bi-monthly, weekly), tell them the benefits (they’ll receive helpful information, tips, exclusive discounts, contests and giveaways, etc.), and mention that there is always an unsubscribe button in every email if they should ever change their mind.

Use these methods and watch how fast your email list grows.

NOTE: Of course, if you aren’t already sending email promotions, you need to get started! You can do this. Do it now. (See below to get started free – and with a professional set up!). No, your list isn’t too small; there’s no such thing. See my previous article: How to build a profitable email marketing contact list.


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As always, I wish you the best with your email endeavors. Please feel free to leave a comment below or write me at this address with your questions or to let me know how your email marketing is working. I’d love to hear from you.

Barbara Roman is an award-winning graphic designer and award-winning strategic email marketer with 20+ years' experience and the owner of Roman Art and Marketing. She works with clients at all levels offering training, consulting and coaching services to help businesses across the country achieve the best results possible. As an industry service, Barbara professionally sets up, free of charge, a web-based system for small businesses and provides a tips sheet to encourage success. Contact her here for yours.

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