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How to Grow Peanuts

Growing peanuts
Growing peanuts
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Peanuts are so prolific in the South, they are often grown as a late or second crop. Peanut seeds are available from reputable nurseries and many different catalogs. One of the most planted peanuts in the Bluegrass is the Virginia peanut; it grows a large pod and matures within 120 days.

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However, peanuts are not really nuts, but they are from the pea (legume) family. They have similar blossoms as peas do, but it develops its pods underground. It is a fast growing and you will have more peanuts if you bury runners underground. These runners will produce a smaller harvest than the parent plant, but they are still great to eat.

Depending on the type of peanut, plants can grow from 6 to 30 inches tall Some peanuts have an upright growing habit and some like to spread. Peanuts, having growth habits like peas, are self-pollinating flowers. After pollination, the flowers dip down and push into the ground to start producing the seed pods.

After 120 days, or before the first fall frost, the peanuts are ready to be pulled or dug from the ground.

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