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How to grow healthy nails

Healthy Nails
Healthy Nails
Healthy Nails

If you prefer long, gorgeous fingernails without spending tons of money on acrylic, gels, or fake nails, put a good nail care regime in place and see the difference. Short, stubby or unhealthy looking nails or nails that just won't grow past your fingertips are unappealing. Growing and maintaining gorgeous nails is hard because nails aren’t alive; they’re dead. Since nails aren’t alive, they grow by new cells developing deep under the cuticle which pushes out the older dead ones. You can have your nails looking great in no time with a simple yet effective regime.

Stop biting your nails
It may be nerves or anxiety but nail biting can wreak havoc on your nails and cuticles. As hard as it may be to stop this habit, they have some bitter tasting polishes on the market. You can use it on your bare nail, or on top of polish, the only thing is, they may have to be re-applied every few days for the bitter taste to stay.
File your nails
Depending on genes, eating habits and environment factors, nails may break easily. Nails that are uneven tend to break easily. It is recommended to file at least once a week. Stash files everywhere, and whenever you see unevenness, file them all to the same length, shape, and size. Make sure to file in the same direction, to prevent nail breakage. Replace your file every month, or even before the grain smooths out.

Water & Vitamins
It is recommended to drink water and take vitamins like MSM and biotin to help keep nails long and strong. You can also take multi vitamins to speed up growth and moisturizing lotion helps keep the moisture in.

Things to Avoid

When removing nail polish, try not to use 100% acetone nail polish remover because it dries out your nails. This decreases their strength and leaves them open to damage.
There are acetone free polish removers available.

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