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How to grab people's attention (and get them to listen to you)

Do you ever wish that the office bigmouth or "lippy"
knucklehead (there's always an office bigmouth or lippy knucklehead) would just shut up for a minute and really listen to you-or let you finish a sentence? (I discovered that a simple remedy for this is to stay completely silent for a few minutes, while giving the offender a look-or stare-that says "Seriously?").
Do you need to give a speech, or a series of them? Or do you just want to get your
point across more effectively?

With the right attention-grabbing (and listening) skills, you can be the center around which the office revolves! by getty images

Here's a few ideas:

1. Pay Close Attention When Others Are Speaking-They'll be more likely to give
you their attention when it's your turn to speak.

2. Think Before You Speak-Collect and organize your thoughts/ideas together
first; You'll present them more clearly and logically, instead of rambling.

3. Get Rid Of Any Distractions-Turn off the TV, take the phone off the hook (or
shut it off for a while), find a private room or spot to talk (This also comes in
handy if the conversation topic is an embarrassing one). Your listener will be
aware of the importance of what you're about to say.

4. Start Off Strong-Have you read or heard anything that's interesting? Hook your
listener with a "teaser" or little-known fact that will make them want to hear

5. Present Your Ideas With Enthusiasm-Vary your tone of voice, gesture, and/or
smile; you'll get the listener's full attention and involvement too.

6. Tell A Story Or Give A Personal Example-This will show the human side of you,
and your audience will relate more. They'll also think you're more credible.

7. Maintain Eye Contact-People will feel your attention is fully focused on them.
Be careful not to overdo this, though (It may then be perceived as threatening
or romantic! In certain situations, there's also the 'special' look that's used for the office bigmouth or knucklehead mentioned earlier).

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