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How to go on a fall fashion shopping spree without leaving your house


You know what it means when the leaves begin to change, the weather gets a little cooler, and the holidays are around the corner?  Clearly, it’s time to go shopping, right?  The frenzy begins of wanting a cozy new sweater or the hot new jacket, and of course, doesn’t everyone need a new pair of boots?  But what do you do when your mind says “Buy, buy, buy” and your checking account says “No, no, no”?

This fall, how about trying a new way of shopping…in your own closet.  Most of you have a closet full of clothes.  It’s just you are bored with them, right?  What if you could bring new life into your wardrobe without spending a fortune?

Janine Parker of Styleworks, an LA-based image and personal styling company,  says  “In this time of people not wanting to spend tons of money on new clothes, it’s amazing what they can resource from within their wardrobe.  Maybe they have everything they need and could just buy a new belt or pair of pants to complete their fall looks.”

It’s very simple.  One night get together with your BFF’s for something other than just eating and drinking. It’s time for a wardrobe makeover.  Pull out all of your fall clothes and let the fun begin.

Here comes the brave part…let your friends put together outfits.  That’s right.  Let your friends tell you what to try on and put together.  See how they can get creative and bring new ideas into what you already have hanging.  

Maybe they love the black pencil skirt with the oversize cream sweater..but they say “Belt it!  Wear tall boots instead of heels!”  You might find that they love your basic black pants and they paired them with an old button down pink sweater that you haven’t worn in two years.  But when they showed you how it looks with a black lace tank underneath it and adorned you with a fabulous necklace, it came back to life.

It’s a great way to go shopping without going shopping.  You just might feel like you went on the best shopping spree of your life.

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