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How to Go About Massage Therapy for Shin Splints

How to Go About Massage Therapy for Shin Splints
How to Go About Massage Therapy for Shin Splints

Shin splints are considered to be highly painful. Any lower leg pain is usually described with the term ‘shin splints’. As a matter of fact, this happens to be a very particular problem and is often called tibial stress syndrome. Athletes who tend to overwork the muscles in their lower leg and calf are prone to experience this problem on a frequent basis. The tendons that are attached to the tibia and fibula are strained and pulled when extra strain is placed on the muscles. However, the tendons may actually start tearing away from the bone altogether in severe cases and this can be immensely painful for people. While treating Shin Splints, a session of massage therapy can lessen the pain by a considerable extent.

  1. People should relax the problem leg. While the condition may be affecting the shin area primarily, individuals usually have stressed muscles in the entire leg. The tissue should be relaxed with fluid and long strokes and this will also increase blood circulation to that area.
  2. The front of the leg is where the focus should be. Going to the base of the ankle from the front of the knee, the main muscle that’s running down the front of the shin is called the tibialis anterior. The pain of shin splints is often experienced by individuals when this muscle becomes inflamed. Pressure should be applied with the palm of the hand and the muscles should be kneaded. The muscle should be stroked in a way that they travel to the base of the knee from the ankle.
  3. Deep friction techniques should be used. The fingers should be used for pressing into the muscles and the area surrounding them. They should be moved back and forth over the muscles in a similar way that a guitar is strummed. Any muscle adhesions that are giving rise to the pain will be broken up through this vigorous motion.
  4. Foot stretching and range of motion techniques can also be used when massage therapy for shin splints is carried out. The muscles in the foot area should be stretched by taking it through the usual and regular motions. This will aid in working out the stressed muscles and relaxing the leg.
  5. Eastern techniques can also be considered. The area of the shin has a number of Shiatsu pressure points. People can use their fingers and thumbs for stimulating these points. Muscle tension can be eased when these pressure points are manipulated and proper flow of energy throughout the body can also be restored.
  6. A sports massage can also be used for easing the pain associated with shin splints. A generous amount of baby oil is needed for stroking muscles from the base of the ankles and up to the knee. More and more pressure should be applied to these muscles via the strokes when they finally start warming up.

Any of the above mentioned massage therapy for shin splints can be used for getting rid of the pain.