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How to Give Big Using eBay's Group Gifts

Giving those "BIG" gifts just became easier on the budget thanks to eBay's newest service called "Group Gifts!" Connect with friends and family online and buy that big gift together as a group!

The process is fast, easy and fun!

Step 1:
Simply go to group and type in that person's name or choose your friends from Facebook.
It will automatically pull in your Facebook friends as you type in the first few letters of your friends name you can find them quickly on the list.

Step 2:
Next step is to find the perfect gift. You can search for any fixed-price item on eBay's marketplace. Just type in the name of the gift and the system will search for the gift.

Step 3:
Next decide how much money do you want to contribute to the gift yourself. You will not be charged, only enter an amount that you are willing to spend. The amount will not be deducted from your PayPal account until the final purchase is made after all the money is collected from the group.

Step 4:
Decide on a deadline for the final purchase of the item. Remember to allow shipping time so that recipient is able to receive the gift in time for the special occasion. NOTE: If enough money is not raised or if the buy it now item expires or sells out before the deadline, a notice will be sent with the option to either find a similar item on eBay to replace it, or issue a refund to all those that contributed.

Step 5:
The fun part is to create a group of everyone who can contribute to the gift. Send an email invite or a Facebook invitation directly through the system. Or go public by posting it on twitter.


* Suggestive ideas of group giving:
* New Parents.
* College Students.
* Employees.
* Boss Appreciation.
* Customer Appreciation.


* Gift giving is contagious!

Be warned as you may give more gifts this year then last!


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