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How to get your children involved in the Olympics

In just two weeks the 2010 Winter Olympics will begin.  Most of us have fond memories of watching the games when we were children.  As the time draws close to February 12th, parents can get their children interested in watching the Olympics by getting them to participate in them before hand.

Clear Lake is a smaller town in Iowa.  We do have a few wonderful winter sports areas that are very appealing to kids and the cost is very appealing to parents.  Marion Park has again been converted to an outdoor ice rink.   Free to the public and open to all ages, this is a wonderful opportunity to try out the sport with your budding speed skater.  A warming house is available for those of us who get cold in these North Iowa temperatures.

Ventura Hill is another popular place.  Even though it is not skiing or snow boarding, this down hill event might bring the luge into popularity in your child's mind.  A tubing hill to a child can seem like a huge downhill happening.

Maybe a curling tournament on your icy driveway would be another exciting venue.  Using a shoe instead of the 42 pound stone might be an option.

The Olympics are an amazing experience.  Memories are made in just watching the athletes, yet how much greater to our families is the opportunity to experience our own family Olympics.  Not only are we exercising with our children, we are creating bonding moments.

For more information on the 2010 Winter Olympics check out the official NBC site.


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