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How to get with your religious self through radio (with help from V.O.G. church)

Vision of Glory Lutheran church
Vision of Glory Lutheran church
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Let's talk religion today, shall we? How does one... speak to the Lord and experience the Lord's presence in his-or-her life? Those of us who go to church or synagogue have that... outlet. Those who don't, who haven't made a habit out of this... what are they to do?

See, that is where the radio comes into play, comes to the "rescue" very efficiently. And that is where your ever-loyal radio examiner hopes to come through for you with his research and life experiences. You're welcome.

There is a very nifty and homey religious establishment close to where this here examiner lives (myself), called the V.O.G., the Vision of Glory Lutheran church. They seem ever-so-welcoming to anyone who finds refuge, or any emotional or mental support under its cradling roof.

And it was here that your examiner (again, myself) met some inspiring individuals who gave him various insights into ways to allow religion into his life without attending Sunday mass, or whichever the days are that Jewish people visit synagogue (your examiner is only a reformed Jewish man). Here, at the church, we have Ann Rogers, the front desk attendant who, without sounding too cheesy, treats everyone as part of her own family. That's certainly the impression. Always got a big a smile for you, this lady.

She taught your examiner about Praise FM, (locally 95.3 FM KNOF), an Osakis, MN-based Christian station that adds a hefty religious dose into its listeners' lives through music, scripture reading, concert ticket giveaways, group prayers and so forth. Anne is extra pumped 'bout this station for their DJ and main host used to be a V.O.G. pastor. Her other influence is KTIS 98.5 FM, but on her computer one would find Praise FM; she seems fond of 'em, to say the least. Ann also tells us that she herself doesn't call a station, but one would hear, if tuning in, people's own takes on what Christianity means to them.

And... then there is Scott. Mr. McLaughlin's a local pastor, as well as a fellow who shares Ann's friendly disposition. How, you ask? By never hesitating to take a moment to see how you're getting on if you happen to appear before him more than once and, well, earned his attention.

Mr. McLaughlin prefers NPR (91.1 FM). Speaking the word of God for a living, one would guess he gets his dose of faith on a weekly basis and radio gives him his news and sophisticated entertainment (Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, All Things Considered, etc). He opens up and admits that shows NPR features for entertainment before all else take a step too far at times, and "make light of serious issues." But, with that in mind, to do McLaughlin justice one must acknowledge his disposition being far from stern as some might expect from a pastor. He's a cool cat, and very approachable, and can be found performing his sermons at the V.O.G. church on Sundays at 8:30 and 10:30 AM. Just to add a bit more - the first half-hour is electric guitar live music, and the second is the sermon normally led by Mr. McLaughlin.

So, let religion into your lives through radio, and if you're local - the Vision of Glory Lutheran church is always there to take it to another level. God bless you all! Yay for radio, yay for Christianity, and yay for the Lord!

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