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How to get the perfect summer haircut

Audrey Tatou's Pixie Haircut
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Summer is the best time to try out new hairstyles. From highlights to drastic pixies, there are plenty of ways to change up your look for the season. So, instead of just going for your usual trim, why not try something new this season? Get the perfect summer haircut on any budget by following these 3 easy steps:

1. Figure out your face shape

One of the worst offenses when getting a haircut is not knowing your face shape. Think of your hair as a frame for the beautiful Monet that is your face. You wouldn’t put a square painting in an oval frame, right? So, why do that with your hair?

The best way to figure out your face shape is to pull back your hair, look in the mirror, and outline your face with lipstick on the mirror. Then, just step back and, voila! Your face shape revealed. You can even take this short face shape quiz if you’re not into drawing on mirrors.

2. Consult with your stylist

Another common mistake with haircuts is choosing one based on a celebrity’s hair. While you may really want the Kloss Chop or the JLaw Pixie, it may not be best for your face shape, hair type or budget.

You can feel like a celebrity by consulting with your stylist about what cut best suits you and your type of hair. When booking your appointment, ask for an additional 10-15 minute time allotment for a consultation. Bring pictures of what you would like, but really listen to your stylist. He or she deals with countless types of hair on a regular basis and will be sure to help you figure out which look is best for you.

3. Have an open mind

Sometimes what your stylist comes up with isn't exactly what you had in mind. While you certainly need to be happy with your hair, try to be open to change.

If you’ve never had short hair or get anxiety about cutting your hair, opt for a longer bob, but throw in some cute bangs or long layers. If you’re a daredevil and don’t care about cutting your hair, why not try something a little shorter? If you do opt for something drastic, be sure to donate your hair. Locks of Love and Pantene are great options that most salons already partner with, which means no work for you!


Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to get a cut that you love. And remember: if you’re ever unhappy with a cut, go back to the salon! Stylists are always more than willing to help you get exactly what you came in looking for. Most importantly, have fun with your new look!

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