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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bible Study

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bible Study
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bible Study
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Spending time in God’s word may present a challenge for many people for a variety of reasons. For example some individuals may find that their mind wanders or distractions can seem to be everywhere. Whatever the situation is hopefully this article will help you to enjoy your bible study more.

First of all you should try to secure a quiet place in your home or elsewhere that provides less opportunity for interruptions. This may sound like common knowledge but it can be quite effective if not already implemented. Another idea is to turn off phones, televisions, radio’s and other similar devices; any small interference has the potential to throw off concentration or train of thought. You should also consider whether or not the bible study is being held at the most appropriate time for most people. If the time is not convenient than it is likely to agitate and decrease focus.

It may also be useful to avoid spontaneity when it comes to planning the place or time. In order for more people to show up there has to be sufficient notice and consideration. Taking the time to appreciate other people's plans and activities beforehand is always a thoughtful thing to do. Another helpful idea is to make sure that your bible study is well organized and has reference notes. This will aid in focus as well as assisting in opening up areas for discussion. Just as a pastor uses notes while preaching keeping ideas handy can be quite useful. And you may want to allow time in the bible study for discussion and sharing of ideas; this can maintain interest and create variety. Plus providing feedback and participation encourages growth as well as a genuine respect for each other.

While bible study is a holy activity God loves for us to enjoy his word thoroughly. It is a time for learning, growing and loving. Therefore maintaining a less formal atmosphere by providing some snacks and drinks can go along way in reducing nervousness or inhibitions.

It is also advisable to consider how much time is allotted for the bible study; realizing that people may have obligations or plans shows consideration. And just as we attempt to show consideration for their schedules we should display thoughtfulness towards their opinions. Being touchy or self-defensive during a bible study can create tension and stress.In the same train of thought we must also measure how we pace ourselves; this can increase productivity and attentiveness.

These are just a few ideas that you may want to keep in mind when it comes to your bible study. While some of them may sound like common sense sometimes the smallest improvisation can make a huge difference in quality and effectiveness. God loves you so much friends and it is his heart’s desire to help you get the most of your bible study. Some people compare bible study to eating; when you eat a meal don’t you like to take your time and savor it? Or do you rush through it or conversely make it last forever. There has to a reasonable amount of time and energy involved in meals and likewise this same principle has to be applied to your bible study. God bless you friends!