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How to get the Amy Adams look

Eye Basics in Buff
Eye Basics in Buff

The Academy Awards were a night of stunning elegance. Hollywood came to play and did so in gowns of dreams and makeup looks designed for starlets. This type of look seems difficult to master because the celebrities have access to the very best of the best, including a team of stylists and hair gods. Plus, there is behind the scenes preparation that happens far ahead of the event, like facials. One celebrity in particular simply radiated with a glow that exuded Old Hollywood glamour with 2010's modern edge. She is none other than the Best Supporting Actress nominee Amy Adams. Blessed with gorgeous features and auburn hair, she is a dream for any makeup artist. She got the look with the aid of Laura Mercier Cosmetics, who also glammed her for the Golden Globes this year.

Amy Adams at the Academy Awards wearing Laura Mercier cosmetics
Getty Images

The Amy Adams' glow from within look is a hallmark of Laura Mercier, a makeup artist in her own right who launched a mega successful eponymous cosmetics line. Laura Mercier believes in a naturally enhanced look where the beauty shines through that is already there. Defining while subtly creating a beautiful appearance is that extra special quality that Mercier specializes in. To the brand's credit, the wildly popular Secret Camouflage and Tinted Moisturizer are in every pro makeup artists' personal cosmetics stash. There is no question that the Laura Mercier look is much sought after and Amy pulled off the natural look without blending into the background. The tones of the bronzy shadow along with the nude lip echoed the highlights of her hair and built the perfect canvas for showcasing those amazing dangle earrings.

Here are the secrets to achieving Amy Adams' Oscar 2014 look:

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer ($33

First things first, primer is what makes any makeup look last longer while adding the right amount of necessary hydration. This oil free formula makes sure that no oil slick occurs while providing a just applied effect for the long evening soiree or office day.

Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Cocoa ($26)

Amy's deep caramel lids are courtesy of this product. A must have multi-tasker, Caviar Eye Stick acts as a shadow, crease definer, and liner all in one. So making the perfect eye can be a task without multiple palettes to carry in a tiny clutch. See how easy life can be?

Eye Basics in Buff ($25)

This solves the disappearing shadow problem. Effective as an eye primer, this product is equally flattering as a shadow alone. A personal favorite, Eye Basics truly makes using shadows much simpler. The ability to create multi dimensional looks becomes child's play instead of rocket science. Swipe, blend in and set. Quick fix in a highly portable tube.

Secret Camouflage ($33)

A makeup artists' dream product for eliminating any imperfections. This legendary concealer has two shades in one case, so mixing and blending is a snap. Amy is nearly perfect anyway (some girls have all the luck...), but this product makes every flash of the camera that much more forgiving. This is suitable for any skin type, even sensitive.

Loose Setting Powder ($35)

This finishing powder is the final touch to any star studded makeup look. Made with luxurious French "cashmere" talc, this silky sheer powder diffuses fine lines and imperfections. Red carpet beauty is well within reach with performance products like this one. Amy Adams has on the translucent shade.

Amy's knockout glamour accentuated all the positives with a believable finish. Laura Mercier created a winning combo of products and pro application. These luxury products can be purchased at fine stores nationwide and

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