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How to get rid of toenail fungus

During the summertime, when the weather is warm many people who wear open toed sandals may be embarrassed if someone noticed their fungal infected toe nails. One reason develops under nails is due to excessive moisture trapped under the nail that may have seeped in through a fracture in the nail bed or even from the spread of an untreated fungal infection; technically known as, Ordermatophytic Onychomycosis.

Unsightly toenail fungus is embarrassing!

Though many people suffer from toenail fungus, there are still many people who believe that unless you see black, blue or green under your toenails - your nails are healthy. On the contrary, those who are ailed with toenail fungus can tell you that the symptoms of toenail fungus come with insurmountable variations. It’s the pain around the toes, and visible yellow, flaky nails that are the most common signs of unhealthy toe nails. Grant it, those aforementioned three colors, no one wants to see under their unpainted toes. However, if you experience even a foul odor coming from your feet, it would behoove you to make an appointment to see your podiatrist, to say the very least.

A foot doctor will be able to determine if you have a nail infection and provide medication for the exact type of fungus that is invading your nail bed. In cases of those enduring the suffrage associated with unsightly toenail fungus - I would hope these cases skip the pedicures until their toe nails get treated for the sake of other nail salon customers who are not aware of the dangers of sharing unsanitary manicuring tools that have been exposed to previous customers who had nail infection, as toe nail fungus is highly contagious and needs to be medically-treated to successfully combat. Though there are home remedies, like Tea Tree oil that provides anesthetic and microbial properties to aid pain and halt the growth of parasitic fungus growing under your nails.

Being that fungus thrives in dark, moist areas it is imperative to wash and dry feet thoroughly before applying any medication to your toe nails. Then continue with care by allowing toes to breathe openly, as much as possible. Good hygiene is imperative to aid a healthy immunity against infectious diseases, overall. Without proper care, your body is susceptible to invasion from unwanted organisms.

In the meantime, if your toe nails look questionable my favorite "mommy blog" for the inquiry would be Mommy Edition, which has some good information on causes of toenail fungus, and offers some great remedies for the ailment.

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