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How to get past embarrassing and negative ideals, when it comes to sex.

'A little red in the face'
'A little red in the face'
Photo by, Sherry Michael


  • Aline 5 years ago

    It's amazing how we can be tripped up by body image or a bad/negative past experience. Nothing can help ease that though like good communication and FEEDBACK. I have discovered how much every sound my sweet lover makes gives me the confidence to relax and enjoy every second with him.

  • angelbabydebi 5 years ago

    It certainly makes sense that both parties should enjoy one another...but it doesn't happen like that most of the time! too bad...more men aren't like you Michael! I bet Ur Awesome when you make love! and you are lucky that your partner gives back! in my case it has been one-sided...But hopefully My situation is about to change for the better!

  • Renee 5 years ago

    I still cant believe that there are so many people out there who are just not comfortable enough even talking about sex. How do they manage when they are actually having it?! I just firmly believe that the more you are able to talk about it...with men and women, the more satisfaction in the bedroom!

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