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How to get past embarrassing and negative ideals, when it comes to sex.

'A little red in the face'
'A little red in the face'
Photo by, Sherry Michael

This week we will look into the personal side of this issue, next week the public side.

Sex should not be embarrassing; the act of making love is an act of desire, pure desire. If you desire the one you love then why be embarrassed by the attention you show them… or vise versa; the affections they may show you? What happens in the bedroom is for you and yours to enjoy and embark upon.

Think about it, without desire or sex, you would not be.

If your desires come from a place of love and compassion they can do you no wrong. Just as long as you and your partner share and communicate openly. So feel no shame, and feel no regrets, if you go into a situation of naughty nakedness, do this because you and your partner wish too.

Now if you are feeling inhibited or shameful before the encounter, look inside and find out why you feel this way, talk about it with your partner work through the issue so that you have no regrets. Passion should be enjoyed completely by both the giver and receiver.

Sometimes the negative whispers of the past will confuse us; make us unsure and unwilling to try new things. Do not allow the guilt’s or shames of others to influence you. Go by your own heart and your own intuition. Making love is a beautiful thing, and expanding your vistas in this arena will in All-Ways keep it anew and strong.

Do not allow your Egos to get involved; there is no place in lovemaking for egos. Feel, experience communicate, and enjoy each other. Appreciate the sensuality you receive from one and other.

And lastly, be able to please and love yourself if you expect to allow someone else to please or share his or her love with you. Learn your own body. See and experience your body in different ways. Once you reach this understanding, you will be pleasured, and able to accept love more easily from another.

Making Love, having sex, or being naughty in the bedroom should in All-Ways be a beautiful experience; there is no shame but the shame you may impose upon yourself, due to prior programming or thoughts implanted within you from well meaning friends or family, along this road we call life. It matters not what others may think, believe in yourself, experience from the heart and allow the shame to melt away.

‘First and foremost, be safe in all that you practice and do. Learn to love yourself so that you may allow others to love you. Channel all of this wonderful energy and love into all of your relationships, and into all that you may do within your life.’ [Copyright, Michael Schuessler]

-Michael Schuessler-
Changing The World One Orgasm ~ At A Time™

Michael Schuessler
, author of the sex and sensuality classic, ‘The Holy G-rail', Please visit his website, to see all the different forms of Michaels works of creativity.

If you have any questions, in the sensual or sexual arena of life please E-mail me. (Use an alias if you'd like to keep your privacy).

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  • Aline 4 years ago

    It's amazing how we can be tripped up by body image or a bad/negative past experience. Nothing can help ease that though like good communication and FEEDBACK. I have discovered how much every sound my sweet lover makes gives me the confidence to relax and enjoy every second with him.

  • angelbabydebi 4 years ago

    It certainly makes sense that both parties should enjoy one another...but it doesn't happen like that most of the time! too bad...more men aren't like you Michael! I bet Ur Awesome when you make love! and you are lucky that your partner gives back! in my case it has been one-sided...But hopefully My situation is about to change for the better!

  • Renee 4 years ago

    I still cant believe that there are so many people out there who are just not comfortable enough even talking about sex. How do they manage when they are actually having it?! I just firmly believe that the more you are able to talk about it...with men and women, the more satisfaction in the bedroom!

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