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How to get free stuff at CVS Pharmacy

Be sure to use a CVS Extra Care card to get the best deals and sale prices.
Denise M Montville

Buying health and beauty products for the family gets extremely expensive! Razors and blades alone are a killer to your budget. Once you learn to shop CVS properly, you will be getting everything from shampoo and toothpaste to make-up and razors for free or nearly free. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Get yourself an Extra Care Card if you don’t already have one. This is just a customer card that gives you all of your sale prices and tracks your spending so you get 2 percent back in Extra Bucks each quarter. Once a year, usually towards the end of the year, they offer double points where you can get 4 percent back on purchases if you sign up during that time period. Be sure to add your telephone number to the form when you fill it out. CVS does not call you, this is for those times you don’t have your card with you, just give your phone number and it links up with your card so you can use your coupons as well as get credit for purchases.

Sign up to register your card on This will be so you can get extra coupons like $4 off of $20.00 and others that won’t print on your receipt. You also will be able to go and see exactly what coupons were printed for your card on your receipt. Did you lose your Extra Bucks? If you haven’t used them and they haven’t expired, you can print them from your account if you’ve registered! Extra Bucks are printed on your receipt and can be used for your next purchase on anything except gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, or prescriptions. You also want to go directly to the Red Coupon Machine as soon as you arrive at your local CVS. There, you will get all of the coupons geared towards you, as well as the weekly deal coupon before you shop.

Search online for “CVS deals”, there are a multitude of websites out there that have broken down the deals of the week for you. They tell you what is on sale, what coupons to use, and what you’ll get for Extra Bucks! The work has been done for you!

To start, you want to find a good Extra Bucks deal. For instance, an item is on sale and once you purchase it, Extra Bucks for that amount print out on your receipt. You would then use those Extra Bucks to purchase another Extra Bucks product. Try to only use your Extra Bucks when you know you are getting the same amount or more Extra Bucks money in return. This way, you are always using CVS money instead of your own.

CVS allows you to use CVS coupons-the ones that print on your receipt, a manufacturer coupon, and as many Extra Bucks as you want until you pay nothing for your purchase. CVS does not give money back if your coupons go over, so be sure to get it as close to exact as possible.

As an example CVS might have a deal on Gillette products where if you spend $30.00 you get $10.00 in Extra Bucks. About once a month Proctor and Gamble usually puts out a coupon book in your local newspaper where you can use a $4 or $5 manufacturer’s coupon. CVS also offers the printed coupons for $3 off of $10 worth of razors. So, if you get your $30 worth of razors, you use your CVS coupon, your manufacturer’s coupon, and any Extra Bucks you have. In return you get $10 in Extra Bucks for your next purchase.

One more tip is to shop at CVS on Saturday evenings. By showing up after 4:00PM on Saturday, you will be allowed to get both this week’s sale as well as the sale starting on Sunday! Beware that the computer has to pick which deal to give you from which week so if you were expecting Extra Bucks or a specific price, be sure to speak up so the sales associate can fix it for you.

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