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How to get free ‘Amazing World’ zings

Amazing World cow zing
Amazing World cow zing

Amazing World” is a child-friendly MMO created by Ganz World, the creators of “Webkinz World”. As with other Ganz games, the world is focused around animals which you can dress up and decorate homes for. Unlike other Ganz games, the zings act as an avatar for you as you run around the world playing games, doing quests for the townspeople and just talking with other players.

Having an array of zings to choose from can make you feel a little more unique in an MMO where many people may look the same with different sunglasses on. And on top of that, it unlocks prizes to have more than one zing on your account.

For owning two zings you get the “Two Much Fun” reward, which gives you 500 experience and 1250 ingame coins. Adding a third zing gives you the “Three of a Kind” reward which gives you 1000 experience and 250 coins.

Where to find “Amazing World” zings for free

You get your first zing for free by simply registering an account with “Amazing World”. The game gives you three to choose from. The current selection is an orange spotted cow, a blue puppy or a golden lion. You do not have to do anything special to gain this zing. It’s the first one you will be able to control when you enter the world.

You can get an adorable, blue-headed monkey zing for “Amazing World” by visiting the old “Nakamas” site. “Nakamas” used to be another children’s game run by Ganz World, but was consolidated into “Amazing World”. Just copy the code on that page and enter it under 'Register a Zing’ on the “Amazing World” site, as listed below.

You can also find free zing codes on sites like Webkinz Mazin’ Hamsters line of toys is the most commonly listed at the moment. These hamsters, such as the tan hamster Honey, the gray hamster Willow and the pink hamster Sparkle, can cross between “Webkinz World” and “Amazing World”. Because of this you can enter their secret codes onto both websites.

How to register your new “Amazing World” zings

Step 1: Around your character’s avatar is a series of symbols. The bottom one to the left looks like a journal and is labeled “My Journal”. Click it.

Step 2: This will open your zings page which will list any zings you currently have, which zing is active and what your experience level is. You need to go to the symbol at the top of this page that looks like a feather pen and piece of paper. It’s labeled “Register a Zing”.

Step 3: Enter the secret code and the security captcha. This will add your “Amazing World” zing to your account immediately.

Step 4: Enjoy your new zing! In order to change to a new zing you can either go to the “My Zings” page and click the zing you want and the “Make Active” button, or you can go to the dressing room and scroll to the zing you want.

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